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Biathlon 2014 by Debating Club

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The Debating club organized it's first Inter-House event - 'Biathlon', on Tuesday, 22nd September.

The event consisted of two parallel factions, Extemp v2.0, in which two speakers of the same team present a comprehensive debate against each other, and Turncoat, which tests the skills of an individual to argue both sides of a pop-culture based motion.
Each house was required to send in 3 teams of 3 members each. It turned out to be a highly competitive affair with just 0.5 marks separating the top few contestants from each other.
The house system had led to much more extensive pre-event practices leading to higher quality debates. The motions were interesting and out of the box. The debating club has surely set high standards for the remaining year.
House of Gandhi dominated the affair by bagging two of the top 3 overall positions.

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