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Random Access by Quizzing Club

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The Quiz Club held a Tech Quiz – Random Access on the 27th of September at 11am at SAC.

 By virtue of it being on a weekend there was a slightly diminished crowd, yet the enthusiasm of the participants more than made up for this. The prelims were conducted by Robin Malhotra and posed a few tricky question to the quizzers. The finals, conducted by Aditya Salapaka, gave the quiz a whole new dimension. With answers as varied as Wi-Fi and Rick Astley, the finals proved to be a very entertaining affair. Though it was a non-competitive event, the teams slugged it out for a podium finish. The quiz ended with the team of Pratyush Goel, Nabilur Rahman, and Vidit Bhargava taking top honors. Shankha Nag and Vaibhav Gupta were runners-up followed by Sarthak Wahal and Sansiddh Jain in third place. The quiz was a change from the usual format and style of quizzes and might possibly pave the way in increasing the number of tech-based quizzes that might be conducted in the future.

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