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The Quizzing Club, IIT Delhi held its first competitive event, Lorem Ipsum, on the 1st of September(Monday) in the Seminar Hall.

Though Lorem Ipsum is generally used as a filler text, this event was far from a filler event. The Preliminaries saw great participation, especially from this year’s freshers. Vying for three places in the finals, the participants in teams of 4 slugged it out, attempting to crack the 20 beautifully crafted questions set by the quizmasters - Faheem Shereef, Gurkanwar Sigh and Nitish Goel. The finals consisted of 9 teams - three from the preliminaries and six direct entries from the Quiz Club League. The three qualifying teams included two fresher teams as well as an MBA team. The final's unique structure allowed the quizmasters to participate as part of their teams by virtue of the rounds having been prepared individually.

At the end of 3 rounds the ‘Drag Kings’, consisting of Jyotesh Singh, Prakhar Sinha, Nishant Chaudhary, and Ameya Dubey emerged as the winners. The second place was shared between ‘You Only Quiz Once’ consisting of Shreyans Jain, Abhishek Kapoor, and Shankhabrata Nag, and the ‘ Brain Jews’ comprised of Arpit Gupta, Akhil Jain, Pratyush Goel and Shivani Sen.

Though neither of the fresher teams could make it to the top three, they showed great promise and their efforts were much appreciated by those present.










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