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Ad Basics by Quizzing Club

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Ad-Basics, the freshers orientation of the Quizzing Club, IIT Delhi was held on 13th August 2014 in the Seminar Hall.

The events primary purpose was to introduce the freshers to the events of the club, how quizzes in IIT are conducted and also to introduce them to the members of the club. The event saw a great turnout with almost 175 freshers participating enthusiastically. Abhishek Bansal, the club secretary started the proceedings with a brief introduction and received a resounding cheer when he announced that prizes would be given out to some lucky participants. The floor was then handed over to the quizmasters, Pratyush, Aditya and Sarthak, who are the representatives of Nilgiri, Jwalamukhi and Satpura hostels respectively. The brain tingling questions were occasionally followed by some hilarious answers by the freshers in addition a few strokes of genius. The 'Minimalistic Posters' round was clearly a crowd favourite with the participants jumping up and down in their seats in order to answer the question. The event was a resounding success and was a glimpse into what IITD's Quizzing Club has on offer this year.

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