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Inter Hostel Duo Dance

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“Dance is the poetic baring of the soul through motion.”

Duo Dance, an inter hostel dance event showcasing the amalgamation of various dance forms, was organised on 12 August 2014 in the Seminar Hall by the Dance Club, IITD. One of the most anticipated events, Duo Dance, provides a unique platform for ingenuity and pitting yourself against the aficionados of dance and it receives an overwhelming response each year!
Amidst the ostentatious cheers for the “mahabalis-aravalis”, the “jwalas” and the “woofs”, the event, being judged by the connoisseurs Ms. Pooja Oberoi and Mr. Mohit Raj Thapa (Director of Danceworxs), finally relieved the amplified anticipations at 8:05 pm.
With the theme of introducing a new dance form, the night of astounding, breathtaking and jaw dropping performances started with a performance by the Shivalik hostel on dance forms like contemporary, robotics and hip hop. The event witnessed some stupendous acts on B-Boying, Jump style, Lavini , robotics, shadow dancing and the UV form. The comic timings of acts featuring “Shinchan”, over the top “Kick” dialogues and some peppy numbers had the audience in splits.
Kailash Hostel’s peppy “jhatkas” bagged the first prize, Aravali’s innovative conceptualization got the second while Jwalamukhi’s “jumps”, swoops and leaps got the third! All in all, it was a well orchestrated event with few technical glitches and it was successful in keeping the audience glued to their seats or any available space they could find. The event came to an end with the teaser of the much awaited fest for the Lit-savvy minds “Literati”.

Some highlights of the event can be seen here.

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