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Session on Design and Practical Experience

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An interactive session, discussing new Design/Practical Experience (DPE) component was organised by Technology Innovation Club (TIC), where in Prof. P.V.M. Rao and Prof. M.R. Ravi were invited to address a diverse mix of students from various years and different departments. Session was initiated by Shreyansh, Director of TIC, he gave a context to discussion by pressing on relevance of design component in courses.
In first section of event, Prof P.V.M. Rao gave a detailed presentation about different ways of earning DPE credits. He classified DPE component in three categories, Summer Interns (XXT), Minor Design Project (XXD), and Interdisciplinary Minor Design project (NDN). All of these get you credits varying from 1-5, and he also informed that non graded DPE component can be completed using any combination of these three type of projects. He mentioned efforts of institute and administration to promote more of interdisciplinary projects and waiving of the earlier ‘only core technical interns’, by allowing students to choose in which so ever organisation or field they wish to work.
After an informative presentation, Prof. M.R. Ravi threw some light on operationally relevant part of this scheme. He explained this process in 3 steps. First, getting a prior approval for any project/internship you plan to do, that has to be done using a new central Non-Graded Unit (NGU) portal, where faculty coordinators from every department will approve projects, there is also one coordinator for NDN projects. Second step, is to put up proof of the work done by you, and that is also to be uploaded on this new portal. Third and final step would be evaluation by concerned faculty, post which your credits will be updated on portal. 
Prof. M.R. Ravi also gave a demonstration of new NGU portal, which like new academic system is aimed to be more user friendly and easy to access. This portal will feature complete list of DPE opportunities available on campus, regular notices, approvals section, and apart form DPE component it also features all other non graded units. In 'NGU Status’ tab one can keep a track of all NGU’s on a single webpage. This site would play an instrumental role in near future. For people who are already engaged in some internship/project and wishes to claim DPE units for same, would be waived of for getting a prior approval, as this website is yet to be used for official work. 
At last forum was opened for a Q&A session, where we saw a lot of freshers showing interest in DPE units by actively posting there doubts. On an ending note, efforts of Prof. P.V.M. Rao and Prof. M.R. Ravi should be appreciated. They are working hard to make new curriculum a platform to make our education over here at IIT more practical and interdisciplinary. And please check new NGU portal at https://ngu.iitd.ac.in/index, it is very functional and impressive. 

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