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Director's Open Meet for first and second year students

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The meeting of freshers with the director and the deans was organized in Dogra Hall to address their problems and take suggestions from them regarding the system at IIT.

Mr. J. Phani Mahesh started the event with a brief introduction and then The Director gave a short speech to the students regarding academic integrity, work ethics, the purpose of having a residential campus and how faculty-student interaction must be increased and then the floor was opened for discussing various issues regarding academics, extra-currics and hostel issues.

Several points were discussed in the meeting regarding attendance policy, student-teacher ratio in first year, summer jobs for the freshers so that they can gain exposure to their departments, financial issues of hostels. Also issues like electoral reforms, LAN-Ban were also discussed for which one student suggested that during the ban period institute can allow the intranet sites but it was told that there are technical problems with this, issues regarding funding and promotion of various clubs were also discussed.G.Secys of various clubs were present at the event to address the problems that needed to be answered by them. 

But then it was saddening to see such a small turnout from the side of freshers to the event and how they missed this golden opportunity. It should be noted that you have right to complain only when you are willing to contribute towards the betterment of the institute. Therefore, it is expected that students will come to such events whenever they are organized in future.

Minutes of discussion

  • Why is 75% attendance compulsory in our IIT whereas it is not so in some IITs?

IIT is a highly subsidized institute and the least one can expect from the students is the students attending classes, and regarding the argument that some people have found their passions in some other field the faculty has to say that IIT doesn’t offer admissions to teach Dance, Drama, etc. Surely the institute supports such activities but not on the cost of primary goal which is academic excellence.

  • There are too many students in the classroom in first year’s lecture courses.

This is the situation only in lectures otherwise there are smaller groups made for other activities, and if lectures are to be conducted in smaller groups then a large number of faculty will be needed. Moreover, previously the lectures were held in smaller groups only but slowly institute moved on to larger classroom sizes. 

  • There should be some summer jobs for the freshers so that they can gain exposure to their departments.

There are already summer jobs available and the students are given stipend for it. To this the BSW G.Sec added that they are planning on a new provision where the student will be provided with accommodation and food in place of stipend.

  • It seems that alternative methods are not entertained in the exams and only the methods taught in lectures are considered.

If a student has such an issue in any of the course, he or she should go and talk to the professor by taking appointment or as the situation may demand to clear any such doubts.

  • There are times when the hostel representatives have to invest their personal money for Hostel functions/competitions and then it takes a long time to get the bill passed.

Such a situation must not arise as the representative can take advance money from the warden, and the warden can issue up to Rs.15,000 and beyond this amount he or she has to take the permission of the dean. Moreover, the bill will get passed within two days.

  • During the LAN-Ban period institute can at least allow some websites and the intranet sites.

It was told that there are technical problems with divorcing the Intranet and Internet, and since this issue of LAN-Ban has been discussed several times in SAC meetings and at other occasions therefore it will be good if BSP publishes about it and other such common issues.

  • There are sport academies running in the institute so students can not play at the desired time.

There are academies running only for two sports namely football and lawn tennis and they run for a short period of time. Other than that time students can play and moreover soon a new indoor sports complex will be constructed in the institute in which there will be many Table Tennis Tables, Badminton courts and Squash Courts. 

  • Some clubs are less popular than the others, and it seems that technical clubs are less promoted. Also only a few people make it to the club so what about those others who are interested in the club but are not able to make it to the club.

IIT gives much more funds to its technical clubs and Tryst as compared to the cultural clubs and Rendezvous. Robotics club has the largest budget and regarding the popularity of the clubs, some clubs are quite recent like aeromodelling club so it will take them some time to become popular, and the possibility of inter-hostel events will be discussed.











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