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Deferred Placement Policy

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IIT Delhi introduced the deferred placement policy this year, a step which was welcomed whole heartedly by the student community.

The applications for this are still open and the deadline has been extended to the 12th of February as instructed by Prof. SK Gupta.

The deferred placement policy basically means that a person can opt out of placement in order to inculcate his/her start-up idea, and even if it is not successful, can sit for placement after two years. A person must opt for deferred placement in the final semester of the pre-final year. More details can be found in the mails sent out by the SAC. To apply, follow the link below:


Current first/second/third year students must take this opportunity into account and plan their undergraduate years accordingly so that they can decide whether to opt for this program. For further details contact:

Shivansh Aggarwal
General Secretary, Students Affairs Council
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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