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Open Meeting with the Director for Research Scholars

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Recognizing the need to provide an effective medium of discourse between the students and the administration in a quality academic institution , the Student Affairs Council (SAC) organized an open meeting with the director for all research scholars at IIT Delhi.

The event took place this evening(30th September) at Dogra Hall from 6:00 p.m onwards. Prof. R.K. Shevgaonkar, Director, IIT Delhi, was present for the entire duration of the two-hour long meeting along with most of the Deans.


The director started off the event by saying that IIT Delhi should be known not only for the quality of the undergraduate students that it produces but also for the quality of the research taking place in the institute. He mentioned that several steps were being taken to achieve this objective including initiatives to double the number of PhD students in the campus in the next few years. The purpose of the meeting was to take suggestions from the research scholars and to listen to their complaints.

Several prominent issues were raised during the meeting by the research scholars. They also came up with suggestions to solve the existing problems faced by the student community. The director patiently listed to every single problem/suggestion that was put forward and noted them down. The most important problems that repeatedly came up during the discussion were the lack of corporation by technical staff, lack of proper information on the course structure, issues related to grants/scholarships and also the lack of basic facilities like clean drinking water, nutritious food and proper washroom facilities in the hostel and the academic area.


A large section of the research scholars felt that that a majority of technical staff in the labs and clerical staff elsewhere are extremely arrogant and negligent in performing their basic duties. Several students also mentioned that the lack of proper information of the PG website was a major source of rumors or misinformation amongst the student community. Issues related to faulty technical equipments or the lack of adequate space were also discussed in detail. Research Scholars also suggested the need to incentivize and recognize their performance by introducing awards for teaching assistants and top quality thesis/research papers.The latter half of the meeting involved passionate discussions on issues that plague the life of every student in the campus: lack of proper food, water and sanitation facilities.

The director mentioned that there were many issues that could be solved easily whereas others required further discussion. He also accepted that there was a need to increase the frequency of these meetings to make them more effective. The BSP believes that these initiatives are a major step forward in improving life at IIT Delhi.



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