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The Summer Training Program

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OBJECTIVE : To get a hands-on experience and apply the theoretical knowledge learnt during the course of the last 3 years.

The eligibility criterion for students to apply for this program is to have 90 credits at the end of the 5th semester. The program itself is from mid-May to the end of July and has stringent criterion of 50 "working" days to successfully complete this course. Working days do not include Sundays and Saturdays are only considered if the company is functioning normally on that day. Colloquiums are at the discretion of the department and thus vary for each department. Self-arranged summer trainings are allowed with the approval of the department. Students who accept such companies should inform the department before the 31st of January.


Process of Allotment of Companies

  1. Interview – Not a preferable mode of selection. It follows a process similar to the placements. Students first make a CV and on the basis of it are shortlisted for interviews. Students should apply to such companies only if they are genuinely interested. Also if they are selected for the interviews they must be present. Trying to make a bad impression so as not to be selected for the interview would be punishable. Such students would be debarred from further interviews

  2. Self-Arranged – Students can contact companies on their own for their training. It is advisable not to contact companies already coming to IIT for recruitment. Also students must get the approval from their departments.

  3. Batch Run – All students are to fill in their order of preference. They are then allotted a company on the basis of their CGPA. The CGPA is of primary importance. After clearing the initial threshold the POR’s gain significance.


Curriculum Vitae (CV)


  1. Major part is built automatically

  2. Some fields are to be filled by students (POR, achievements, etc.)

  3. DO NOT fill in false information. All information may be verified. Students found with incorrect information on their CV’s will be dealt with severely.

  4. Also maintain proof of your documents for information provided in the CV’s. Companies may wish to see them.


Important Points


  1. It is a course. Register for XXT410 or 450 for the next summer. You cannot register in any other course in the summer of 2015.

  2. A grade is awarded for the same.

  3. A diary of your daily work and experience should be maintained.

  4. Certificates and reports of your work are confidential and will be sent to the T&P directly by the company.


Role of Nucleus Committee


It is the prerogative of the nucleus committee to identify the companies that should be invited for the trainings. Last time they were late and hence there were problems encountered. It should be the initiative of the students to make sure that the Nucleus Team does its work efficiently and on time. Students are requested to follow up periodically with the status reports of the Nucleus Team.


Faculty Involvement


The Faculty plays an important role in the selection of companies. If some students are not able to obtain training at the end of the batch run the faculty will contact more companies to ensure that each student has a summer training program. Also the faculty will monitor the students during the period of their training. Students must maintain contact and send reports periodically to their allotted faculty.


Some General But Essential Points


While the Institute takes pains to ensure that each student gets a decent company in which the student is able to have a well chalked out plan for the project undertaken to gain adequate useful experience of the industry it is also the responsibility of the students to maintain high standards. Students are expected to display exemplary behaviour commensurate with IIT D ethos. Also students are expected to work diligently and not expect to be given a royal treatment.


When do you get started?


The portals are open. The process has already begun with the T&P site functional. Start filling up your CV’s and apply to companies as soon they come online. Check the T&P website regularly (at least twice a day) for important notifications. Also keep important dates in mind like the January 31st deadline. IIT will also be organizing several workshops and help sessions to aid you with your resume and interview process. The dates will be put up on the T&P website.




Q1. Where should I go for training?


Ans. You can go to any company for training as long as it is approved by your department.In the end the company should provide decent content for you to learn and experience.


Q2. Should I be the 1st person to get a seat?


Ans. No. It doesn't matter if you get the 1st seat or the last. What matters is if you gain good knowledge and experience of the practical aspects of your department/industry.


Q3. Should I be assigned a company on the 1st day?


Ans. No again. This is not like placements. The day you get a company is of little relevance.


Q4. Do we get a PPO from our training?


Ans. Yes. Occasionally students get a PPO from companies they train with. Do your best and make the company know your worth and pleasant personality and you may end up with a PPO.


Q5. Do we get PPTO's?


Ans. Yes. Some students who have done internships/training with companies after their 2nd year and have managed to impress them may get PPTO's.


Q6. Does this affect the final placement?


Ans. A vehement and resounding YES! Trainings are important and the reports of your work and attitude make a large difference to your CV for final placements. Do exceptionally and you may get a certificate of commendation from the company.


Q7. What if I don't get a company?


Ans. Won't happen. It is the onus of the Department Faculty to make sure that each and every student gets a company.


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