Monday, January 20, 2020

The Board for Student Publications (BSP) is IIT Delhi’s electronic and print media body, run entirely by the student community. BSP is a source of information about all that is happening in the campus, be it the about the next big event near you or the latest cool gadget being built at IITD.

BSP publishes a series of magazines like Inception (the freshers’ magazine), Elemental (our tech magazine), Muse (there goes your creative content) and regular Newsletters to keep you informed about the real issues on campus. You can check out all of these under the publications tab on our website. This is not all. If you want to create your own magazine, BSP gives you that opportunity too! We have our very own inter-hostel magazine designing competition, Gazettale, which is the perfect chance for you to show off your creativity. So, if you want to see your magazine being distributed to the whole campus and win the huge BSP trophy for your hostel, watch out for Gazettale in the even semester.

We are a team of 18 journalists, 12 technical editors, and multiple volunteers dedicated to a single cause: find out what is happening across the campus and inform the student community, the academicians, as well as the administration about it. You might be able to see our dedicated team working hard all day, running around taking interviews and talking to the staff and faculty at IITD, trying to uncover the truth about issues bothering the students. We even go one step further: trying to increase the student-teacher interaction with ‘The First Conversation’, a series of events dedicated to humanization of the professors at IIT Delhi, monthly podcasts based on current events going on in the campus, and publish our biannual offline journalistic publication, ‘The Inquirer’. All our articles include in depth research and analysis of important issues that happen in the campus. You can write to us at our forum if you want us to investigate something that is going wrong around you, or you can mail us or through the Contact Us tab on the website.

Moving on, BSP is also an avenue for the student community to showcase their creative endeavours, in the form of caricatures, poetry, stories, photographs and much more. The creative segment ‘BitterSweet’ (find it on our website) is a platform for all enthusiasts of creative content. We aim to provide a platform for expression and recognition of the creative minds on campus! We also organize workshops from time to time which range from teaching you basic skills of making caricatures to how to write fiction novels or a nice poem.

Literati, the annual literary fest of IIT-D, is organised by the BSP in the month of September . The plethora of events include quizzing, workshops on photography, drama and comic making , plays, competitive writing, spelling bee and talk shows with distinguished personalities like Shashi Tharoor, Ashwin Sanghi and comedians like Sorabh Pant and the comedy group AIB. Comedy nights and poetry reciting evenings add to the charm of the fest.