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Doing what you love and getting paid for it is a dream everyone has but few effectuate, today we bring to you another such chimera supposed ambition. Anjali Singh, the student of Mathematics And Computing of the batch of 2012, has achieved that dream. Presently working in IBM Bangalore as a research engineer, she was also an Intern at IBM.

When asked about her dig at life at IIT and beyond, this is what she shared:


“Coming into IIT, job was never really the first priority in many ways, but still I was able to accomplish this because the preparation actually begins when you put a foot inside a lecture hall, tune into those ‘boring’ lectures by the professors because at the end it was the courses that counted for the job, the concepts from Probability and Statistics, the nuances of Natural Language Processing(NLP), the methodologies of Machine Learning, and the ideas behind Optimisation methods was instrumental and essential in procuring the job I did. All the projects I did, the interns, not only succoured in attaining the job but rather is my job. Most of my work here involves NLP and ML, and there is not a thing that I use today that IIT didn’t make me accustomed to.


But it doesn’t mean that I didn’t actually did something translating directly into my job preparation, in my job semester I revised all these important concepts learnt throughout my IIT life and many more and practised for placements test particularly.


And when the tests came, they weren’t indistinguishably easy per se. The selection process was a long one, having a preliminary written round for all the keen students. Though there was a CG cap of 8.5+, yet they allowed the students irrespective to take the test. The students who cleared the test had interview on the first day on the placements. And in the interview yet again, the tools I used the most were the ones I was accustomed to throughout the years at IIT. The three interviewers asked me questions from their area of expertise and then from the courses I enlisted on my CV. The interview unassumingly went well enough, and I landed up with an august job at IBM as a Research Manager.


IBM, as any other company, desires work of flaired calibre and on time. My presence is supposed to have a good impact on company’s business which I hopefully produce gladly. As in trade, I get an opportunity to work on exciting afresh projects, in the areas that infatuate me. In all my projects at IBM I have got opportunities to research in many different fields like Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. The most critical skillset required in here is how to do research, how to have the possession of the infinite patience for results, and yet be updated with the state of the art work done in your domain. And these skills, I secured in myself via the projects I did at IIT and other places like a project at Stanford.


The flexibility of job at IBM also allows me to work in other areas that may interest me. The same work ethic doesn’t even require my physical presence in the office, as long as the job I do is good, the place where I do it from doesn’t matter much.


I always had an inclination for research and pursue higher studies, and this job at IBM is just the first notch on the ladder I wish to climb. My aspiration for higher studies is still there which I wish to follow in coming years. After that I’d love to work in the field of Education Technology— developing AI tools for education (a field that I have grown interest in while working here at IBM).


At the end to all the people interested in getting a job with the same domain as me, all I would like to tell is that remember the most important tool for you to cling on to that dream job is the academics. Remember all the courses you did, highlight all the important assignments on your CV you did at IIT, all the coherent projects, and keep your eyes open to not to miss a project opportunity, have vigilance over all the doors and windows, maintain a decent coding skillset. With these things and a sense of individuality you yourself possess, you will get that dream job you desire, all the best.”


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