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As the internship season nears, the third year students get into a frenzy making the perfect CV for that perfect profile. The aim of this article is to facilitate and get a better insight into the process by taking inputs from seniors who landed their dream internships. This article focuses on a field towards which numerous people want to pursue their career in. It is the niche area of consultancy. We would like to express our gratitude to Abhinav Arora for his valuable inputs.


Abhinav tells that how during his second year he had tried an internship which pertained the core area of his branch. So he wanted to try out working in a different field and get a feel of how working in a corporate is like. Also, some students from their early time in the institute develop an inclination towards getting a job in non-core, this internship might turn out to be a perfect kickstart to pursue their dreams. Many of the companies that recruit in consultancy tend to offer you new experiences, so that’s another plus point.


There are a limited number of companies that recruit in consultancy through the TnP. So Abhinav had to apply in different companies by mailing his resume to the different companies. Then there is the general process of shortlisting that happens according to the interests of the company. After that you have the interview, the interview is mostly taken by some senior manager and partner, who are at a very high post in the firm. The interview is basically a kind of HR interview and they only check your confidence and ability to communicate. There’s no preparation as such which is required and neither are there any particular courses which might help. You can always put forward your learning in a way that aligns with the company’s interests. Also it is always beneficial if you have connections inside the company, as the company gets loads of applications from students.


There is some basic CG cutoff for these internships but once you’ve been shortlisted for the interview, almost everything depends on your CV and how you perform in the interview. The interviews in this field particularly involve a lot of questions related to how well can you deal with situations and make impromptu to decisions so as to profit the company.


Abhinav got an opportunity to work with one of the biggest consultancy firm in India, Deloitte. He was placed for a duration of 2 months in Gurgaon. The work as he tells,is mainly research and presentations. It may sound a bit boring but he assures you it’s quite different and interesting from what we know or what we have been exposed to till now. The company cannot put you on a client site to deal with them until you have an experience, so, dealings with client are mostly seen by people at managerial level. You are put up on different projects and asked to work upon some part of it along with your mentor, assigned by the company, and your other fellow team mates. The research work is quite diverse and you need to deep dive into a lot of different areas and the presentations are quite different from what we are used to make in schools and college.


Working hours typically are 9 to 5 but that’s not a hard timing. You may come in at 11 or leave early or there are times when you get stuck with your work until 9 at night. So, the timings are basically work dependent and as long as work is being done, the company is fine with everything. Also, speaking in terms of employees, mostly people work at client sites and rarely come to the office. Thus, it is hard to keep a check on. 

The working conditions are also quite good. He mentions even though there is less interaction with everyone as it is quite a large corporation with quite a large number of people sitting in the same office but you definitely get to talk to your team. For the employees, the team keeps changing with every new project so this way you get to know more people, even those working from a faraway office in Mumbai or Bangalore or even some other country. The environment is a very professional one and the company takes care of its people well.


  • It would be better if you first filter out the profile you want to land the internship in and then start preparing for it.
  • It is beneficial to prepare your CV in such a way that gives the essence of your diverse potential.
  •  Another suggestion is to start building contacts beforehand, Linkedin is a very good platform for the same.

Article by: Hridayesh Lal, Anukriti Yadav

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