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The article is prepared with the help of interview conducted with Mohd. Babar. Unlike many people who believe mechanical engineering only revolves around machinery in industries, Babar chose the road less taken. Babar preferred a research program under a professor in Ohio State University, Columbus,US. He had to work on Modal analysis of 3D acoustic cavities. It involved obtaining natural frequencies and eigenfunctions of cylindrical and annular-like cavities.


Working Conditions:

The university had fixed working hours from 9am to 5pm.He was given a lab, working space, computer system and software to conduct the required computation work for the project. The department also provided him an ID card to access the labs even during the late hours and the weekend. He even got a chance to work in their state-of-the-art computing labs. Overall, the university provided an ideal working conditions to carry out the project.

Selection Procedure:

Babar was one of the 6 people who get selected from all IITs under RIYA (Research Internship for Young Academics),an elite research program. Every year the university sends out written application details on September 15 every year. The applicant needs one official supervisor at home university, 3 letters of recommendations and should also write a good statement of purpose. They also need to mention their CGPA, send the academic transcripts, department rank, CV and fields of interest.Even though there is no CG cutoff, but below 9 are seldom selected. Basically, the professors look for any false claims and achievements written by students. But main weightage is given to prior internship and work, project details, course grades in interested fields, department rank, any particular courses and significant scholastic achievements. Finally, the overall coordinator takes a phone interview.  The interviewer asks questions about the family background, prior experiences abroad, english speaking and understanding etc. No questions were asked on POR, ECAs, Academics.

What helped?

“I did prepare for my statement of purpose, background of interested fields, my prior work and projects here at IIT and motivation for the internship. My main CV points were a good SURA project that I did during the summer of my sophomore year and my research internship at University of Auckland in December 2017, New Zealand. I had good recommendations from my SURA project advisor and some course coordinators.”,quotes Babar.

Also, particular courses like Advanced fluid mechanics, mathematics courses like Numerical computation, Probability and statistics, Methods of Applied Mathematics, Linear Algebra and applications further strengthens one’s CV.


Babar advices all the applicants to have a strong CG, projects and mathematics courses in during his course of second year, good recommendations and also attempt English proficiency tests like TOEFL to give a decent impression on the interviewers.

Article by:Mahak Buria,Anukriti Yadav

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