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For insight on how to score an internship in the electrical engineering department,we talked to Soham Roy who did his internship at Samsung R&D. Read on for information on the selection procedure,required skillset and the overall experience



About Samsung and R&D at Samsung:

Samsung is a multinational conglomerate which works in various fields like consumer electronics, IT and Mobile Communication and Device Solution. R&D is the core of what Samsung is as a company, and it consistently invests more in the research and development of new technology than anyone else in the industry.There are opportunities at Samsung for hardware engineer or software developer (or a combination of the two) to work on next generation devices, materials, and software solutions to be incorporated into products that will enrich the lives of millions of people worldwide.

What does it offer to the students?

Samsung comes to IITD to recruit for it’s R&D ‘software only’ branch profiles, i.e. the hardware branch does not come for recruitment.

In the 8 week internship at Samsung, Soham was supposed to design a tool in the multimedia sector.  He, along with another intern were assigned a mentor for this project who for the first two weeks, gave him codes and material to read and learn from.

The mentor gave them daily and weekly goals and supervised their work.

The project assigned to him there was about the development of a tool using image processing. The working conditions were great, Samsung office has all the amenities one would need throughout the day.

The working time was 45 hours per week which one could manage according to one’s comfort.Samsung closely looks at the work and provides suitable help to make it a good experience for both, the internee and itself.

Samsung also offers it’s internees a chance to get a PPO(Pre Placement Offer) within internship duration, details of which will further come in the article.

Selection Criteria and process

There were no CG criteria as such, neither were any interviews taken (Hence, no requirement for a CV), rather the selection process consisted of three rounds to check the overall eligibility of an individual.

  •  A total of 150 students applied for the internship who first had to give the IQ test. The questions were generic but the number of questions was quite high so one had to be quick and smart with devoting time and choosing the right questions.
  •    110 students further became eligible for the second round which was the ‘Coding Test.’ It included three problems which had to be solved. Solving one question was enough to pass this round. The questions checked the basic coding skills and application of ideas and algorithms.( Any regular coder wouldn’t need to prepare extra for this.)
  •    58 students finally made it to the last round which was the ‘Group Discussion’. The recruiters gave a topic to check the ‘technological knowledge’, interest and inclination of one towards the field. There was sufficient time to explore and study on the topic prior to the discussion.

A set of 31 individuals eventually got selected for the Samsung internship at its Bangalore based Institute.

Coherence between the DBEB courses in IIT and the work of the internship

There wasn’t much coherence between the work Soham did at the internship vs the courses he completed at IITD but he tells that COL100,COL106 proved to be quite beneficial.

However, there were some other courses that he completed online at his own level which considerably helped him in this venture.

This points to the fact that one should be active in his/her interest and shouldn’t bind his limits to the regular courses but rather explore and learn as and when given the chance.

What do the companies expect from you?

A company expects an internship to be a good learning experience for the intern, providing them with challenges to test and push their limits. A company also wishes to get benefitted by the intern by training him such that tomorrow he becomes a valuable asset of the company. Samsung in particular, wants its interns to join it in the future and hence provides an atmosphere to ease the process. The process of acquiring a PPO( Pre Placement Offer) involves two steps, first SCT and second , an interview.

Software Competency Test(SCT) is a test which every person at Samsung has to clear for getting in across the world(i.e. a job). It’s quite a difficult test and requires profound knowledge of data structures. Samsung encourages it’s interns to prepare for it in the office time itself and conduct workshops and help sessions for the same.

SCT comprises of just one question which has to be solved in a period of three hours. Those who qualify the SCT are further selected for interviews in the final week if the CV requirements of the internee are met. Apart from Data Structures,questions specific to the branch are asked For eg. To the Electrical Engineers, stuff related to DSP and Digital Electronics is asked.

The final Pre Placement Offer is given by a cumulative assessment of the mentor feedback and the interview. In Soham’s batch, 19 out of the 31 students, got the PPO from Samsung.

Tips and suggestions-

  • The number of interns coming to Samsung is huge and hence the grouping of teams could be random. For example, someone who is good at ML may end up in a team that has to do with nothing with ML. So, there is a risk of getting mis-grouped if you’re specific in your area of interest.
  • General interest and practice in coding can ease one’s work and effort at a lot of places. Moreover, those who can code well always have an edge over those who can’t.
  • Those who do not get internships in the initial few days should not get disheartened, there are a lot of good companies which come in the even semester as well.
  • Soham also added that getting an internship which is more fruitful for you is more important than getting an early internships and one could even look for off campus placements for that, if one has to.

Article by: Ashwil Bhupesh, Anukriti Yadav

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