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Finance! Trading! Money Flow! Is that what interests you? Want to have a career in it? But don’t have any knowledge?Well, this article of 3rd year internship series provides you just the right insights required to clear your doubts and crack a finance intern.The article has been compiled from the worthy insights of Achin Goyal, a final year student, who has had his intern at Futures First in Gurgaon.





About the Company

Futures First is a private limited company that provides research and advisory services in global derivatives markets. Founded in 2004, Futures First now has over 500 employees in Israel, UK and in six locations in India: Bengaluru, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata and Mumbai.Futures First is a leader in the derivative markets. Futures First’s parent company, Hertshten Group is a global force in exchange traded derivatives. Traditionally focused on fixed income, commodities and energy products, today Hertshten Group trades all asset classes Every year they recruit talented, creative, and extremely professional interns from various IIT’s across India. This time they recruited 37 interns out of which 6 were from IIT Delhi.

Why Finance?

Achin already had an interest in the field of finance especially trading. He undertook various courses specifically targeted for finance profile during his degree and also began preparations for CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). He was well acquainted with all the technicalities of trading and was resolute to pursue this field.

Selection Procedure

Achin fetched his intern through Training and Placement Cell.

Selection to this company had 3 stages:

  • Initial CGPA cut-off of 7 to be eligible to  apply.
  • Mathematics Test: A special mathematics test was conducted to evaluate the speed and fluency of applicants to perform the mathematical calculations. The race against time also assisted the company officials to judge the ability of students to act in pressure situations.
  • Shortlisting on the basis of test score.
  • Personal Interview: Personal Interview was centered around the knowledge possessed by the student about typical trading situations, pressure handling ability and emotional stability in all circumstances. Interview also involved trick questions where they portrayed the negative side of pursuing trading and tried to extract the genuine opinion of the applicant.

Environment and Working Atmosphere in the Company:

The one common underlying positive of every trading firm is that there never exists a hierarchy and experience doesn’t guarantee promising results. However, they usually mention an upper cap to the loss incurred by any of the employee while trading. The working hours in Futures First used to be 12 hours and the aim was to maximise the profit. A mentor was specifically allocated to help the intern steer through the company and have a smooth working.

Suggestions for people aspiring for such intern

Try and get some knowledge of basic trading practices and terminologies involved. If possible, start your preparation quite early. Develop your skills to perform up to the optimum level when under pressure. For knowledge on trading, refer websites like Investopedia. Economic courses in the CV also provide an advantage.

Article by: Rushil Gupta, Anukriti Yadav

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