Wadhwani AI – Sansiddh Jain, ME1


Want to get an insight into where and what you want to do after graduating? Third year internships might just be your golden ticket to finding that out. Since, the work that you do at the end of your third year tends to reflect heavily on your CV, it becomes highly important that you choose the field you want to work in, wisely.

“Data analytics by virtue of it’s wide applicability, ranging from automobiles to healthcare, weather forecasting to machine learning etc, is something that interests me a lot. With the great technological advancements going on currently, it has become a general field where employability is not restricted to a certain domain and this fact allures me towards it even more.”, said Sansiddh, when asked about choosing analytics as his calling.

Read on to find out about Sansiddh’s internship at Wadhwani AI.


Wadhwani AI is a non-profit research institute which focuses to deploy AI in order to solve large scale social problems. These include, but are not limited to, agriculture, health, education, financial inclusion, language, and infrastructure. They aim to be a hub for collaborations between AI scientists from top global institutions, social-impact organizations, and governments and facilitate dialogue and explorations in ethics and guidelines for AI in development.


He worked in Mumbai, at the headquarters, on a project related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. The work hours were from 1000 to around 1900 in the evening. One could even stay longer if he/she wanted to, like Sansiddh who worked till 2200hrs, with some breaks in between. The office environment was quite ‘chill’ with the aura of fun-loving colleagues. He even got the chance to hang out with the CEO!


The CGPA cut-off of most companies (which came through TnP) was around 7.5-8.0, which proliferated to 8.3-8.5 in case of a few elite companies. Since Sansiddh didn’t apply through TnP, his CV didn’t go through a CG cut-off. PORs and ECAs are not at all relevant. The next and most important step was the interview. In this round, they mainly asked questions related to his experience and understanding pertaining to projects, technical details, algorithms, Data Structure, theoretical machine learning, courses etc. He spent around an hour explaining his project in terms of its implementation details and analysis.


The courses in IITD related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing etc are in coherence with the demands of analytics firms. “One just needs to have a good technical understanding; be good at what you’re doing and no extra preparation is required”, said Sansiddh.


Sansiddh suggested that one should not rely on TnP because they are quite narrow in terms of opportunities that are open to IITians and believed in taking the unconventional route and searching for startups, research groups etc on his own. He said, “It requires more effort, but pays off well. Take the road not taken.”  

Article by: Aditya Amrit

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