Max Ventures and Industries Limited: Anubhuti Agrawal, CE1


The internship one undertakes during the third year is one of the most impactful and influencing entities in one’s CV. Thus, it becomes imperative to wisely choose which internship one should endeavour during this time. Here we provide you with insights through an interview with Anubhuti Agarwal on her summer internship at Max Ventures and Industries Limited. Read on to find out more about the working environment, skill set required and selection procedure.

Job description:

Anubhuti was assigned the task to work at their packaging film plant Max Specialty Films Limited (MSFL) in Punjab. Max Ventures and Industries Limited (MaxVIL) operates primarily in the areas of manufacturing and real estate. The Company’s vision is to address the wider world of business opportunities in India and abroad with high standards of entrepreneurial excellence. Her project was mainly in supply chain management. The aim was to reduce the overall freight cost incurred by the company. Additionally, she was assigned a consulting-based task where she had to map the entire packaging industry in terms of technology and product innovation.

Working conditions and practices:

The work hours are from 9AM to 6PM. Since her plant was around 50 km from Chandigarh, travelling involved makes it a bit challenging. She believes,” The senior leadership team both at MSFL and MVIL are extremely supportive and make sure that your internship is productive and of value to both you and them”

Selection Procedure:

Although there is no CG cut off (good CG creates a good impression in front of the interviewers) but the interviewee has to go through CV selection followed by group discussion and personal interview. The interview is mostly an HR round. Your PORs and /ECAs will certainly be taking a point in the interviews. Some questions were directly asked from courses that Anubhuti mentioned in her CV. Other questions were based on the work she did in her internship.  Moreover, questions based on logic and reasoning were also be asked. To conclude, an above-average CG, good projects and previous internships play a deciding factor.

What helped?

As such no particular course at IIT is required but for the interview, one needs to preferably practice. She started preparing around mid-August when the tests for internship started. She prepared for the interview by going through books like ‘A practical guide to quantitative finance interviews’ and ‘Vault Guide’


Some suggestions Anubhuti would like to give, “Interview and GD skills matter a lot, given the nature of selection. Good projects and internships are important. You need to be able to explain everything written on your resume because it will be scrutinized line by line.”

Article by: Mahak Buria

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