Nomura Research Institute, Ernst & Young – Ishan Tewari (EE1), Dhananjay Varma (EE1), Akshar Madhavaram


Being a lot like the life spent at IIT- structuring, analysis, planning, management- consulting is one of the profiles being offered and accepted by a lot at IIT Delhi. The third-year internship in consulting is a great option when one needs to know about the job, given you get to interact with a lot of seniors who have done a consulting intern or are working with a consulting firm. It is a dynamic profile where one can expect a different job in every new project. We would like to thank Dhananjay Varma, Ishan Tewari and Akshar Madhavaram for their inputs.

Akshar                                 Ishan                                    Dhananjay

Company Details:

Dhananjay and Ishan worked as Associate Consultant at Nomura Research Institute in Summers 2018. Nomura Research Institute, or NRI, is a Japanese consulting firm. The offerings include Financial IT Solutions, Consulting Services, Industrial IT Solutions, IT Platform Services, Cyber Security Services, and Digital Marketing Services.

Work Profile:

The work involved assessing the company and lead the client from back-end; getting to a conclusion about prospects for an idea. The work is mainly market research, making presentations and providing solutions to a client.

Selection Process:

The company comes on Day-1 of the internship period during August. The process starts with shortlisting of CVs out of submitted CVs, where they look out for all-rounders with decent credentials in all four sections of a CV. Then these students have interviews, which tests your communication and analytical skills. There are questions on estimates, where you need not get an answer but they check the approach you used for getting an answer. There are also case interviews where you are presented with a challenging business scenario, and you need to conclude.

Skill Set:

After the CV shortlisting, any preparation does not matter much except your analytical ability. Now talking about a CV, you need to build a well-balanced CV with decent inputs in all sections- Scholastics, Internships/Projects, Positions of Responsibility and extra-curriculars. There aren’t any specific courses for that matter, though they help in building your analytical skills.

Work Environment:

The internship was offered at their office in Gurugram. There is a lot of Japanese cultural influence in the company, given it is a Japanese firm and has a lot of Japanese clients. The work hours generally are 9AM-6PM on weekdays but get extended depending on the work on some days.

Now let’s discuss the process of a self-arranged consulting internship, with inputs from Akshar Madhavaram.

Company Details:

EY, formerly called Ernst & Young, is one of the best business and management consulting firms in India and is among the “Big 4” accounting firms globally. It offers services across several sectors including Technology, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Financial Services and Government Advisory. In India, EY is among the leading providers of advisory, tax, transactions and assurance services.

Work Profile:

The work was IT consulting (Government Services) in EY. The work was at the client-side, i.e., Government of Telangana in Hyderabad. It was the fieldwork comparable to what actual employees do generally and was more involving than a secondary research job that some companies offer as an internship. EY had a team of 7 consultants at the client’s place to give them tech and business advice as and when required.

Selection Process:

Getting internships on your own is not an easy process since you need contacts at the senior level to get the CV identified out of hundreds of such emails they might be receiving related to jobs and internships.

Though very subjective since it depends on the ‘contact’, they call back if they find a decent CV and then discuss the work opportunity.

Skill Set:

When applying through e-mails on your own, in general, the mail should have some specific points that stand out regarding the work you are expected to do. So, for a consulting internship, a previous intern in a B-School and case study competitions are some of the points that help in getting the attention of the recruiter.

The idea that one needs excellent PORs doesn’t work here because there isn’t any student to compare in the first place. The person you are mailing to for the internship might not even have an idea about the relevance of that position is in the institute.

Work Environment:

Since the work was at the client-side, there were some days when there used to be no work; and on the others, they ran on a tight schedule meeting deadlines an completing work. The work was more involving with the team and comparable to that of a full-time employee in the firm.


  • Be confident about the CV you make
  • Doing some case preparation helps in the interview
  • Before going for any company, look for the profile being offered and prioritise a good profile over a good firm.

Article by: Utkarsh Tyagi

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