GSec Miles 17-18: CAIC


With the poltu season just gone by, we take a closer look at how the outgoing General Secretaries of the various boards have performed in their tenures: the progress they’ve made, the points still left to be struck off and the highlights of the year.

In this article, we analyze Co-curricular and Academic Interaction Council (CAIC) General Secretary Kushal Sogani’s manifesto: the progress made on various counts and the efforts put into motion and still in process.


  1. Publicity and Transparency: All the bank accounts of the board and the technical clubs have been shifted under IRD and now the clubs would be run exactly like a project. An IRD head for these clubs already existed but the accounts were not being managed properly.Thus, to increase the transparency and to make sure that each and every penny is accounted for, the accounts were all set to zero and the account management was started from scratch. The present accounts are up and running and can be used to get a proper justification of the capital spent.
  2. Revival of MoUs: Multiple pending MoUs with foreign universities were revised and a few new universities were added for the semester exchange. A few students also went for exchange during the even semester this year. An exchange cell was to be formed which would solely look over the process of the inter iit and foreign exchange programmes. This was later felt to be redundant since AAIP is sufficient for handling this process.
  3. Revamping Budget Allocation: The clubs have all been shifted under IRD and the division of the budget of the different clubs has changed. A waiting period of 15 days has been set for fund related requests.
  4. Enhancing PG Participation in Tryst: This year,as compared to the previous years, the Tryst team had much more PG participations including 5 Post Graduate students serving as Coordinator.
  5. Raising the Appeal of Co-Curricular Club Events: There was a stall of CAIC this year at the MRC orientation and a CAIC orientation took place in September,2017.
  6. PG Representation in TnP: This year there has been an increase in the number of Postgraduate students in the central team of TnP also.



  1. Joint Department Reps Meeting: One meeting was held last week, but consisted only of outgoing reps. This happened because there were no major issues that were brought up by the representatives and thus a joint meeting was considered unnecessary.
  2. Updation of Communication Channels: A notice board and a seperate section for the Minutes of Meetings was to be put on the website. The website currently has multiple broken links which are being worked upon by the Dev Club.The work was assigned to the club in the last board meeting which took place in the month of April.The website would be up and running by the start of the next semester. As in previous years, notices have been put up on hostel boards.
  3. Inter-Hostel technical activities: The formation of a Board for Technical Activities has been approved and Inter hostel technical competitions were to take place with a CAIC trophy are expected to start in the next academic year.


  1. Meetings with Club Representatives: A set schedule for meetings with OCs was to be set beforehand for each semester in accordance with the academic calendar. No such plan was drawn out. There were supposed to be two meetings per semester with the club representatives,but only one per semester was held.
  2. An official YouTube channel for CAIC was to be created which would have video content of the talk and lectures by eminent personalities and speakers which take place during the semester and in Tryst.
  3. Appointment of mentors for Post Graduates: This wasn’t completed instead UG Convenors were put to duty to help the incoming post graduate freshers.
  4. A research community club was to be set up which was to hold workshops and seminars aimed at helping in building up the technical and research acumen of the students. This hasn’t happened as of now.
  5. A new portal for PG registration was to be set up. It hasn’t been done as of now.
  6. Digitalisation of research work:A separate portal is being created by the Dev Club where all the projects of the UG and PG students along with the thesis projects of PhD students will be archived.
  7. The Inter IIT exchange programme
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