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With the poltu season around the corner, we take a closer look at the how the outgoing General Secretaries of the various boards have performed in their tenures: the progress they’ve made, the points still left to be struck off and the highlights of the year.

In this segment, we turn the spotlight inward and take a comprehensive look at Board for Student Publications General Secretary, Sanjana Garg’s manifesto (which can be found here: and see how the board fared this year, in terms of the realisation of aims and points that had been put forth in the manifesto.


Quality Journalism:

  1. Articles have been substantiated by statistics and data based journalism, to minimize biases. This is illustrated in various articles like the Freshers’ survey, The Placement Saga, and those in the Inquirer: Counting Credits, courses and institute funding etc.
  2. The information shared has been shared in such a way that it can be pushed through to the administration to create an impact (for instance, the Catch-22 article about minimum credit level being lowered from 26 to 22).
  3. The idea of ‘Citizen Journalists’ has also been successful, with many students contributing in articles ranging from credit limit to the problem of depression.


4. Successful collaborations with IITDOnAir for monthly podcasts and G.Sec Miles.

5. Collaborating with FACC for Comicraze and comic making workshop, and ‘Storytelling without words’.

6. Collaborating with AAIP for the Alumni series, which helped in arranging the interviews for the series during the Convocation.

Increasing Involvement in the Board:

7. Hosting competitions like Gazettale and Comicraze (comic making), for increasing the student body involvement.

8. ‘Opinion Editorials’–with one external editorial and several from IITD professors– have been started this year.

Focus on design:

9. Inclusion of infographics (offline and online articles) and memes (Inception, online)  in publications and in the Bittersweet section.

Interaction Between Faculty, Students and Staff:

10. Articles with inputs from the administration and faculty members in Inquirer and other publications on the website. For communication with the Board, over and above regular communication through the Facebook page and email, a forum has been launched wherein people can suggest article ideas to the Board. The idea of creating a Student Complaint portal with SAC was scrapped since there already exists a mechanism for the investigation and redressal of complaints from students, wherein the feedback is sent to the director (

Effective and Active Reporting Agency:

11. Concise, combined reports for BRCA club events to enhance readability and eliminate redundancies. Reporting outsourced to people present in the event wherever quality is not compromised in doing so. For instance, reporting for the Inter-IIT Sports Meet and for certain Industry Day events was outsourced to people organising and attending the event.

12. Relevant news related to the institute shared through Facebook and webpage.

Internal Matters:

13. Semester long calendar to divide and pre-allot work, increasing efficiency.

14. Website restructured, with introduction of Feedback Forum and push notification button.


Partially done/ Ongoing:

  1. Collaboration for the pan-IIT newsletter– Work ongoing, with the Big 4 IITs- Madras, Delhi, Bombay and Kharagpur (Kanpur backed out due to internal reasons). One article ready, another one on the anvil, and the two will be published soon.
  2. A creative writing workshop during Literati and a comic making workshop were held. Increasing the number of targeted workshops saw a setback, with few workshops materialising (mostly during Literati). Due to the administration’s restriction on the events organised over the year, many of the Literati, pre RDV, and RDV events had to be scrapped off.
  3. Caricatures were incorporated in Inception and comic strips on the Bittersweet webpage (‘Not Just Words’) but a comic strip series running throughout the year with a relatable and fixed main character is yet to be actualised.
  4. Reviewing past surveys by BSP: A repository containing past survey articles and questionnaires is being created, while an extensive review of the data is yet to be done. The Freshers’ Survey article contained a comparison with the results of the Senior Survey conducted last year.
  5. Inviting outside entries for all offline publications has not yet been implemented, though people who are not a part of the team can contribute in the creative publication, Muse and as citizen journalists.


  1. Collaborating with Literary Club for events of similar interests. No collaboration for any event, per se. In touch with the club for things like Bittersweet content.

Other Highlights:

  1. Launch of the BSP forum, where one can raise issues and give suggestions for articles to be published. Content moderated by the Chief Editors of BSP.
  2. Bittersweet, the new creative portal, was launched this year.
  3. Designing the new BSP Logo Animation.
  4. A series of articles covering select research developments (the Research of the Month a.k.a ROTM series) was launched.
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