GSec Miles 17-18: BRCA


With the poltu season around the corner, we take a closer look at the how the outgoing General Secretaries of the various boards have performed in their tenures: the progress they’ve made, the points still left to be struck off and the highlights of the year.

Next, in line, we have Rishabh Nagpal, the GSec of BRCA, the largest student body in IITD with respect to the number of students involved.The following points summarize the claims in Rishabh’s manifesto (which can be found here: and the work done with regard to each, categorized according to their status of completion.


  1. Installing a board in SAC for appreciating contributions of graduating students: Two boards being installed in SAC, one for the contributions to BRCA and other for the Rendezvous teams.
  2. Lack of involvement of alumni in the Board: Alumni have been contributing to the Board in an advisory capacity and through funding. Rendezvous has also received a sponsorship of 4 lakhs from alumni this year.
  3. The formalization of secretarial manifestos and constant checking of their completion: Manifestoes of most secretaries have been made public on the BRCA website and a special system has been put in place to register any complaints.
  4. Creation of a feedback system: A feedback system has been introduced on the BRCA website and any complaint received on it will be directly visible to the President of BRCA and the GSec. Specific complaints can also be addressed to either the GSec or to any of the Secretaries. However, this system is not anonymous.
  5. Encouraging ‘Diro’ culture in visual and interpretive arts: To facilitate centralized training in clubs an improved ‘diro’ culture has been implemented for the Dance,Drama,PFC and FACC clubs.
  6. Public release of the Rendezvous budget after the completion of the fest: An RTI has been released containing the detailed budget of Rendezvous this year.
  7. Offering incentives to join the design team, including design credits: Students working without incentives were given design credits to recognize their efforts in the design team for the creation and handling of the website and social handle of Rendezvous.
  8. Incentivisation for students to participate in competitive activities, including greater rewards: With higher cash rewards and better social media outreach, this year, has seen the highest number of registration for competitive events in Rendezvous history.
  9. Awards for best external performance during the all boards night.
  10. Regularly inviting the alumni to events: A database of around 400 alumni students who have been associated with the different RCA clubs has been created through which alumni were approached for increased participation in club events and also for financial support to the clubs and Rendezvous.
  11. Hosting an alumni dinner where graduates from each club can keep in touch with the other students

Pending/Partially Done:

  1. Creation of a BRCA panel: A special body consisting of a fourth-year senior from each club was created within the BRCA to enhance the functioning of clubs. However, this did not work out as expected, as meetings were never fully attended and no changes were brought about.


  1. Formation of a nominated BRCA coverage team.
  2. Exhibitions for the works of PFC and FACC will be organized and publicised extensively.
  3. Approaching the alumni using a magazine created by the coverage team annually.

Other Highlights:

  1. The IIT Delhi contingent won the Overall Trophy at the Inter IIT Cultural Meet in Kanpur. Efficient arrangement of the Inter IIT Cultural contingent including on-time refunds.
  2. Organizing the first installment of the Delhi Poetry Festival.
  3. Highest footfall ever in Rendezvous history.


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