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With the poltu season around the corner, we take a closer look at the how the outgoing General Secretaries of the various boards have performed in their tenures: the progress they’ve made, the points still left to be struck off and the highlights of the year.

The Board for Student Welfare is unquestionably the first point of contact for freshers entering the campus and of the student community of IIT Delhi. In this segment, we scrutinize the points in statement of purpose Divyam Gupta, BSW General Secretary, categorized according to their degree of completion.


  1. STIC-D restarting and re-structuring to include TAs- This year, STIC-D was organised group wise and all professors and TAs of the particular group and the first year students were invited for the interactive dinner so that they could have informal discussions.
  2. Restart psychiatrist visits in IIT D hospitals- There is a visiting psychiatrist in the IIT Hospital who is here once a week. His details are available on the hospital website. Students can be referred to the psychiatrist by the SCS counsellors.
  3. Start academic mentorship program for freshers
  4. Online Platform for Counseling- BSW collaborated with Yourdost to start online counselling services. It’s a supplement to SCS, not a competitor to existing facilities. It has, in general, received favourable response from people. There is a large number of students who are regularly engaged with the counselling services. BSW tried to publicize it on proxy login website but there was some issue from administration.
  5. Reducing the number of orientations and making orientation more effective to reduce to burden on freshers of random events- Every club wants one whole day and all first yearites for their orientation and the first 15 days of the session are lost in only clubs when the emphasis should be on the totally new structure of studies and classes. This year, most clubs used the Tour of Stall for orientation purposes and BSA, BRCA, CAIC which have many components were given individual days.
  6. Digitization of fine, loan records of BSW-  There was a problem in the manual loan lending records. As per the rules, BTech students can take two loans and MTech can take one loan. However the record was only on paper. Some students were able get more than two loans due to clerical errors. Digitization has been done and loan records are available in a spreadsheets. First it is checked whether the student has received loan before and then the sheet is updated manually. Due to the lack of dedicated technical team, the system is still not automated.
  7. Greater Coordination with SMP: BSW constitution has been revamped in order to bring SMP under the umbrella of BSW and the SMP Overall Coordinator is now the Deputy GSec of BSW. BSW reps and coordinators are helping with SMP operations such as scheduling for academic mentors.



  1. Bringing BSW jobs under the banner of Ideate Seek Collaborate:

Bsw Jobs, part-time jobs through which students could earn income, have been discontinued since the Ideate-Seek-Collaborate platform started. The original purpose of the scheme was to help the financially needy students to get some income by putting in sundry work. However, it is very difficult for BSW to monitor that only economically weak students avail of this facility. Whenever the faculty have requirement for some work to be done on a part-time basis for which remuneration can be paid from projects or dept/centre funds, they can float their requirements along with the honorarium that can be given to the student on the portal “Ideate-Seek-Collaborate” and the students can directly apply to that project. While there were also plans to open some jobs in SCOOPS and the library for IITD students this has not been feasible yet.



  1. PG students in orientation. No PG volunteers were available as volunteers needed for forms, hostel allotment and orientation. There was no enthusiasm from PG side, only 2-3 PG students were available and on call only. Reps had to handle a lot of it.
  2. Personality development classes, computer classes, Hindi classes to be initiated- As of now, only English classes are going on. Students are selected by NLN teachers or referred by mentors and representatives to receive special classes from language mentors (also trained by NLN teachers). Language mentors receive NEN credits in return. There are plans to introduce a Language Secretary in the BSW Council. Where computer literacy is concerned, 2-3 people were voluntarily teaching people, and BSW needs more manpower to be more extensively involved in this.
  3. Converting SCOOPS into a souvenir shop: SCOOPS is yet to be developed into a merchandise shop, as there are space constraints.
  4. Advisory committee of BSW- It was supposed to consist of ex-babloos who would help in the functioning of BSW along with the secys, help the new babloos. However since it was not an official POR, people did not work sincerely or attend meetings. Therefore this plan was scrapped.
  5. Department Mentorship- The aim of this initiative was to make people aware of their curriculum, how they can plan courses for minor degree, forex etc. 4-5 people from the 3rd year and 4th year should give an idea about courses and profs, what to drop and add, how to score marks in a particular subject or a professor. Students can learn about what their branch can offer. This would be implemented from next semesters hopefully.
  6. Online appointments for SCS: System is not compatible. They need back end help but BSW currently does not have enough web developers or incentives to offer students such as design credits.

Other Highlights:

Counseling for Prospective Female Students

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