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With poltu season approaching, we take a closer look at the how the outgoing General Secretaries of the various boards have performed in their tenures: the progress they’ve made, the points still left to be struck off and the highlights of the year.

(*-2 points in the earlier pi chart pertained to Inter IIT 2018, which was supposed to be held in Delhi at the time. Since this changed, these points have been removed from consideration and the pi chart has been modified to reflect this change.)

BSA is one of the largest boards of the institute which encompasses more than a 1000 sports people under it. The following points summarize the claims on Ashim’s manifesto (which can be found here: and the work done with regard to each, categorized according to their status of completion.

Completed :

  1. Increasing PG involvement through inter-department sports:  There was a separate freshers’ week for the PG and UG students as well as a Sports Meet organised in collaboration with DMS. This increased the PG participation by 50% as compared to the last year. Some of the sports which directly benefited from the PG inclusion were Cricket (Nabin Kumar Banzara), Aquatics (Abhishek), Football(Shrikanth) and Basketball.
  2. BSA Calendar : There used to be a lot of confusion and inconvenience earlier as the dates changed at the last moment so this year BSA introduced the calendar to prevent changing the dates and keep a well organised structure for the same.
  3. Inclusion of major Delhi based and outside events: The players were kept informed of the events previously and major events were included in the BSA Calendar to prevent event clashes. The only event in which the whole Sports contingent participated was Udghosh (IIT Kanpur). Other than that the Hockey and squash team was sent to BITS Pilani; the Tennis team took part in Spardha; the Basketball and TT team was sent to Ashoka.
  4. Professional Help: Physiotherapist once a week – SAC Pavilion; Captains all went to SCS before Inter IIT; 8 or 10 people for counselling individually. A separate sports mess with regulated meals and nutrients was started during the winter camp.
  5. Sports for all: Freshers’ week; first Triathlon (cycling, swimming and running ); Half marathons; Sportech Weekender including opening the institute’s first kabaddi ground.
  6.  BSA Marketing and Design: This year marketing for Sportech started in November.
  7. Alumni Funding and Involvement: AAIP in collaboration conducted Alumni Sports Meet. Trying for sponsorship from recent graduates of sports.
  8. Design Projects : Includes coding projects like scoreboards, lighting stumps, distance and time tracker, as well as building daily use infrastructure for sports.

Partially Done:

  1. Budget and Inventory: BHM and BSA jointly asked the Sports Secy of various hostels to present their inventory on the hostel website to prevent corruption and unaccounted for money.
  2. Infrastructure: The Sports Complex is being built and the renovation of the Squash courts is nearing completion.
  3. Collaborations with Other boards like the MRC and Inculcation of fitness related clubs in BSA: Collaborations with AAIP and BHM took place. The Wellness and Running clubs are independent of BSA.


Other highlights:

  • First time inter hostel jerseys jointly done by BSA and BHM: 36 jerseys each hostel with sigils
  • Sportech: Live streaming of scoring and live commentary for some sports
  • More than 20 sessions of Women’s football conducted the last semester along with the first ever inter hostel women’s football match.
  • Maintaining data of top scorers in each hostel
  • Leagues and Ladders-  league matches inside IIT for sports like badminton and squash to increase participation.

-Compiled by Riya Singh

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