“meet me halfway” she said
“but we’re walking on the same road”
Our road was the same
but only in opposite directions.



If it’s wrong,
You tell me it is right,
If something’s gone,
You say it likes to hide,

If the world changes,
You tell me it’s still the same,
If there are no survivors,
You say war is to blame,

If someone dies,
You ask their lovers not to cry,
If a flower stops to bloom,
You say it’s because it is wry.

Even as I walk on burning ashes,
I console myself in a sly……..
because if hell weren’t to exist,
Then heaven too must be a lie.


When the last of us falls.


Shining eyes,
shall turn Grey.
as Dusk comes,

for Darkness to Stay.


War(m) hearts.

Why do they tear you down?
When all you do is push them up,

Why do they hate so much?

When they could heal a million hearts,
With just a touch?


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