Inter IIT Swimming Meet 2017

Individual Winners: Parth Bharadwaj (Left) Dhritiraj Das (Right)

The Inter IIT Swimming Meet came to an end on 4th October and IIT Delhi’s team emerged victorious. making the institute proud with their amazing performance. Months of hard work and perseverance finally paid off when they bagged 3 gold and 1 bronze in the individual category and 1 silver medal in the

4*100m freestyle relay. The 13-member contingent was led by Abhay Karol, the aquatics captain, fondly called Mr. Cool by his team members.

Dhritiraj Das, last year’s captain and one of those sportspersons whose name has gradually become synonymous with the name of their sport, stole away the limelight by winning 3 gold medals in this Inter IIT. Clocking 29.32s, 26.94s and 1:01:43s, he bagged gold in the 50m Butterfly on Day 2, 50m freestyle on Day 3 and 100m freestyle on Day 4. While doing so, he outperformed any swimmer the institute has had in the last few years. He was also very close to breaking the Inter IIT record in 50m freestyle by a mere 13 milliseconds. According to his team, he used to train twice as much as the other team members despite being an Inter-IIT veteran. After all, you don’t go from one bronze medal to 3 gold medals without 5 years of utmost dedication and mastering the art of swimming. His contribution towards making of a new team from scratch this year should not go unnoticed behind his long wall of individual achievements. He left behind the old records and started afresh. What’s even more surprising is, that Dhritiraj was not a pro swimmer. He has been created by IIT Delhi itself and he exemplifies the spirit that can guide enthusiastic sportspersons to reach greater heights. In his last year here, he wanted to leave behind a glorious swimming culture and it can be safely said that he hasn’t failed. Training them right from scratch, he along with Abhay Karol, constructed a team of amazing swimmers and motivated them to deliver at the biggest stage of them all and make the institute proud.  

Parth Bhardwaj also bagged a bronze medal in 50m freestyle with an amazing timing of 0:28.65, albeit amidst some controversy. He had finished second in the heats with a timing of 00:28:20 but since the costume he wore for the finals wasn’t a racing costume, he lost a few milliseconds and finished third in the final race. No doubt, Parth was quite disappointed after the race due to this. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm was still high and he is confident of bring back a gold next year. In 200m freestyle also, he performed really good and finished fourth with a timing of 2:43.13.

In 4*100m freestyle relay, the team won a silver medal with a fabulous timing of 4:31.26. This was an improvement from last year’s bronze medal in this category.

Relay Winners: G.S.M. Rishikesh Reddy, Dhritiraj Das, Parth Bharadwaj, Abhishek Gupta

Representing IIT Delhi is no mean feat and our swimmers are a testament to that. With 3 hours of continuous training sessions throughout summer, and swimming around 3 km of daily, our swimmers were often left with little energy to even walk back to their hostels. Yet they practiced with absolute dedication and would go for practice even after a full day of classes. It was this dedication which made this herculean task of winning this competition possible. They also followed serious diet plans and compromised on their favorite delicacies. What’s exceptional is that the entire contingent consisted of only two swimming veterans, with the rest being Inter-IIT debutants. Kamya Iyer was the only girl who represented IITD at the Aquatics Meet after being the sole female swimmer to have practised relentlessly until the very end.

The Board for Student Publications would like to congratulate Dhritiraj Das and the rest of IIT Delhi’s Aquatics Contingent for making us all proud. Keep up the good work!

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