Production and Industrial Engineering Core Internships


About the internship

Aditya Jain, 3rd year Production Engineering was doing a research internship under the Global AAR program for two months in Shibata Lab, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan under Prof. Tomhorio Shibata. The research goal was on human assistive robotics via adaptive intelligence systems. The lab’s research focuses mainly on motor control and decision making. The internship opportunity was opened for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students of computer science engineering, electrical engineering department and mechanical engineering.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for the program was not through the TnP portal of IIT Delhi. The HOD office of the mechanical department of IIT D circulated the details about the program through webmail. In the first round, CV shortlisting was done.

In second round, Prof Shibata took a skype interview in which he asked about the projects Aditya had mentioned in his CV and how he implemented them.

The scholarship is funded by Japanese Government (JASSO) therefore only students whose GPI is greater than 2.3 of 3 in recent two years are funded. (3 for A and A-, 2 for B and B- and 1 for C)

This program opened for two students each from IIT D and IIT K students this year. From our college, Rithul P., Fourth year (currently). Mechanical Department was also selected.


The project was in Cloth Dynamics in the Baxter robot. The professor had assigned Aditya a mentor, and together they had to discuss, plan and work accordingly. Apart from the project, Aditya also attended multiple seminars and classes on Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Also weekly, in his lab JOURNAL CLUB, two lab members discussed a published paper related to their project and one lab member presented the developments in their project since the last meeting.


People in Japan are extremely polite. It is a pretty big culture shock for someone who lives in New Delhi. The city is at the countryside of Fukoka Prefecture so the population is not so dense compared to Tokyo and it is full of greenery and beaches so one has plenty of sightseeing options.

It is a must to have an understanding of basic Japanese. Knowing Japanese can be of great use as people there are not familiar with English. So you could face inconvenience during shopping and transportation. 

Japan is costlier compared to India. So, the initial few days it takes a while to get an idea of the prices and make sure you don’t overspend. Vegetarian food is highly limited, so it is best if one knows how to cook for themselves, as it makes one’s life easier.

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