Electrical Engineering Internship


Internship at Qualcomm, Sunny Bhagia

1. About Qualcomm-
Qualcomm is a multinational semiconductor and telecommunications company. It works on producing phone processors, displays, and chipsets. Qualcomm is also working on 5G chips right now, and also microcomputers which control products like autonomous cars. Most of the work done in Bangalore is related to mobile chips.

2. The profiles offered to students-
Qualcomm offers work in the electronics industry. It is mainly a silicon design based company which works in the VLSI circuits and small chips sector. It is of utmost importance in the semiconductor industry to have products of high structural integrity and high purity. Sunny’s work is mostly related for design for testing (DFT), and finding structural faults in chips. This is important to ensure a proper functioning and longevity of the products of Qualcomm.

3. Selection Criteria-
There is an online test and two interviews, technical and HR. The online test contained questions from general aptitude, software, and hardware. One shouldn’t waste too much time on any question in the online test, especially the aptitude part. In the interviews, they general questions related to MOSFET’s and other course related stuff. Sunny advises the reader to be calm in the interview, and honestly attempt to answer all questions. If unable to, he says it is best to accept that one doesn’t know the answer rather than guessing their way out.

4. The coherence between courses and the work in the internship-
There is not much coherence between courses at IIT and the work at the company, but since coding is involved, DSA is always recommended. One should be familiar with the basic concepts of digital and analog systems since they are important for the profile of the internship.

5. The expectations of the company-
One of the primary desires of any company that accepts an intern is mutual benefit. It expects us to learn from them and give them something in return, which helps in their growth, writing scripts which can automate the work that was done manually. Just be inquisitive about everything and ask everyone about their work in their fields. You should try to relate more and more to the work being done by the company and hence provide better output.

6. Tips/Suggestions-
The golden rule- “Impress the manager”. Do the work beforehand and ask for more work and more challenging work. Interact with people, don’t shy away. Qualcomm is very good in employee treatment, use that to your advantage. Demand for things. Learn from your mistakes, as you are an intern, you can make some. Don’t panic if you commit any. Finally, do good work and impress your bosses, the opportunities are amazing.

-Sanyam Chhangani 

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