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One of the most impactful in the list of things that the employer would look for when you sit in an Interview are the internships and projects that you have done. Thus, it becomes very important that one chooses what he/she does in their breaks very wisely. Some people tend to follow the strategy of doing something different every year such that at the point of graduation and placements they know exactly know what they want to take up as a career. One of the options is an internship and this article talks in detail about the very same in  ITC’s summer internship programme. This article has been made with the help of the information provided by Apurv Kaushal who is currently doing a summer intern in ITC’s FMCG sector.


Selection procedure:

Firstly, the students are supposed to fill a form that requires them to answer a certain set of questions about themselves and what all they have done in the past few years. Additionally, a candidate must fulfil the threshold CGPA criteria of 8. The shortlisted candidates are then required to sit for a Group Discussion. ITC’s GD is quite different from the others where most companies give a topic for the lot to talk upon, ITC gives a real life scenario and requires the people to discuss the solutions for the same. For example, this year the candidates were given a set of suspects for a murder and they were supposed to rank them in the order of highest to lowest probability of being the murderer. Now, this basically tested the students on how they work as a team and how do they approach a given problem. In this case, the solution was never the actual concern.

This round is followed by 2 interviews-

1.Technical: Simple questions based on the courses you have studied are asked. The recruiters don’t really expect one to answer them all. Instead as the students have pointed out, they aim at analysing the way you answer the questions.It is better to accept the fact that you do not know the answer instead of trying to make something up and turning out to be wrong.

2. HR: Since the internship requires students to work in factories which are set up usually in  Tier-3 cities and villages, this interview drills students on how they will face real life problems during their stay there. Furthermore, it tests their people skills and gauges whether the person fits into the company culture.


CV Building and skillset:

The interviewers may also drill students on the answers that the students give on the online form. Majorly, the questions are based on the previous internships done. They don’t expect one to have a thorough knowledge of courses they study instead, they require a student who learns quickly. ECs do not play a major role but should be existent. Most of the work that one is supposed to do is taught in the first couple of weeks itself. They require people who can do a techno-managerial job, which basically means that the candidate should know how to work with a team.


The Internship:

ITC’s projects do not require you to work on something hypothetical. Instead, the projects the students work on can help the company in actually improving their functioning and efficiency.

The workload, workplace and the amount of prerequisite knowledge required majorly depends on the project chosen. Most of plants are located in villages and require students to travel daily to their workplace. One has to work inside plants for long hours. For example, Apurv has to test the batches of Mom’s Magic in every couple of hours.He is currently working on creating a system that can detect all the complaints that might come in, when a product is launched in the market.

Each student is allocated a mentor that looks over his/her work. The amount of work that one has to do depends completely on the intern and the mentor. You may be required to travel a lot as well. Another aspect of the job is managerial, one has to manage a team of certain people and thus it is required that the intern should have good communication and decision making skills.


ITC’s internship is bound to give one of the best learning experience any company can but when choosing a company for a core internship one has to keep certain things in find which have been described below.

One should keep in mind why exactly one wants to do a core internship. Amongst many, there are two reasons that come up majorly, one – they want to gain work experience and second- they want to apply their theoretical knowledge on an engineering problem. All the internships test only one thing the most- one’s ability to learn. As far as ITC is concerned all through the internship, one must try to work regularly and as far as the interviews are concerned, ir is important that one starts preparing a few days before the D-day and makes sure that they know about the company they are sitting for- the workload, the workplace, the company’s expectations and the opportunities it provides.


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