Squash in IIT Delhi – The Journey


The squash ladder-an attempt at making squash accessible to the IIT-D junta.


What’s this Squash Ladder?

Just last month, BSA along with the IIT-Delhi Squash Team launched the squash ladder.  The Squash Ladder is like a tournament except that unlike a tourney there are no eliminations and will go indefinitely, with the aim of reaching the top of the ladder by challenging the person ranked above you.

Top ten names will be displayed at SAC, and every month online on (https://www.facebook.com/iitdsquash/).

Top 4 players get an upper edge in making it to the Inter IIT Sports Meet!


Why was the Ladder implemented?

The main motive behind the setting up of the ladder was the promotion of Squash in the campus. The squash team travels outside campus (to Sirifort Sports Complex) daily for their practice regime due the sub-standard squash courts available in SAC complex. Due to this, a lot of people who wanted to play and compete in squash were unable to do so. For this purpose they launched the IIT D squash ladder. Most of the ladder matches are played in Sirifort, and the IITD squash team makes arrangement for the courts at Sirifort for the players. With more participation, not only will the sport become more popular among the student Junta, but we may see an improvement in the squash facilities in the campus.


There’s more.

Another reason for the launch of the ladder has been to establish a connect between our alumni, professor, and the current student, and create a community of squash players. IITD is lucky have a lot of enthusiastic alumni who want to play squash and the ladder provides them with a means of re-establishing their connect with their alma matter, and now even have a chance to compete with the current batch of students.


Alumni such as Mr. Kapil Bharti (co-founder, CTO of Delivery) and Mr. Mohit Bhakuni (entrepreneur , IIT D and INSEAD alumnus) are  a part of the squash ladder.  Ex IITD Squash team members such as Suraj Khot, Arun Yadav, Arun Kumar are also active members on the ladder.



Squash team members (Hemang and Maitreya) with alumni Mohit Bhakuni


The ladder has even seen a positive response from the professor. The squash team contacted Professor Vikram Singh for joining the ladder after reading his interview on “Know Your Professor” series where he spoke about his interest in squash during his undergrad days at IITD, the team sees him on courts almost every Wednesday!


Professor Vikram Singh  with members of the team (Maitreya and Sunint) along with the IIT  D squash coach Aakash Sir.


We at the BSP, wish the IITD squash team all the very best for their endeavors. 

Happy Squashing ! 



Kiran Jain and Sunint Khurana

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