Scoops Wale Bhaiya


Worker at Scoops @ IITD

There are a certain group of people we meet every day, taken for granted but yet contributing significantly to our college lifestyle. They are familiar faces, but very ignored ones too. The occasional few strike up conversation with them but to most they are just passersby whose histories they may sometimes wonder. In a phrase, which I can certainly say has been used in multiple trailers, this is one such history. But this isn’t a trailer, it runs not on diesel but on persuasion, pressure and stringent deadlines. The analogous fuel now leads me to describe “this one such history”.

We revolve this story around who Mr. Chandan Maity, who is more fondly known as “Scoops waale bhaiya”. The smiling and industrious person we meet daily as we collect our notes or manuals from the scoops. The man who’d say ‘aggaroh rupaye’ to eleven rupees giving you a hint of where he comes from. When told he shall be interviewed, a broad smile spread across his face. It was his humility that made him say “Hamara interview kyu le rahe ho bhaiya? Ham koi bada aadmi thode hi hai”.

He tells his accent comes from his Bengali origin also making note that he was born and brought up in the city of Kolkata. His parents were poor and couldn’t afford his education. He had to quit his studies after class 9 and do odd jobs to support his family. “Not all are lucky enough to study at such a good place” he’d remark sadly. His experience of odd jobs ranges from working in sweet shops to jewelry showrooms, before he moved to Delhi 14 years ago in search of a better paying job to support his family back home. After working for 7 years in a saree shop in Delhi, he came to IIT and became our ‘scoops wale bhaiya’. He says it’s really a pleasant experience to work at a place like IIT. People are nicer than other places and the employer is never rude. He lives near Vasant Kunj and commutes daily on his bicycle. He works here from 9 am to 7 pm, 6 days a week. When asked about his best experience while working in IIT, he told about a PHD student who treated him upon completion of his Doctorate. Talking about bad experiences, Chandan doesn’t remember any. “At very few instances, there have been verbal exchanges but people are generally very polite and patient” he’d say without even looking for some bad experience in his memory. When asked about his favorite outlets in IIT, he said he has an occasional tea at HPMC but prefers to eat home-made food. He brings his tiffin with him every day. Recently, his family, comprising of his parents, a younger sister and his wife moved to Delhi with him. He doesn’t have any children as of now. He aspires great future for his children and shared “I will make sure my children get good education and they don’t have to struggle like me to earn their bread and butter. That’s why I have moved my family to Delhi.” When asked if he has anything to say to the students here, he says that the days around minors and majors are really hectic for him as students start being up for notes and stuff. “I think you people should study regularly, and not crowd up at scoops a night before the exams. Even if you want to study at the last moment, at least collect the notes beforehand☺”. Advice gratefully taken Mr. Maity. Thank you for being there and caring so much about us.

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