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Well the title says it all, but for formality, this section covers the good, the bad and the ugly of the Student Heads of IIT Delhi’s various Boards. These boards form the mediators, the facilitators and arbitrator between the students and the administration. Another year, another semester but the same old General Secretaries. With half their tenure over, let us see how much they squirm under the microscope.

Board for Recreational Activities

GSec : Rishabh Sanghi

This is it. The board that everyone wants to be a part of, IIT Delhi’s most popular mélange of clubs, BRCA helps even the extreme “maggu” shake a leg. This newly non-competitive board (thanks for that) now purely focuses on elevating talent and skills, and promotes a harmony and unity that is rarely found elsewhere.


  • Starting off with the biggest, he was successful in making all the nine clubs under him non-competitive, resulting in no more hostel competition for trophies. Surprisingly enough, this was passed almost unanimously in the Board’s meeting.

  • Next up, he fixed all the flaws in Rendezvous ’15, bringing about a cleaner, smoother and more organised Rendezvous ‘16.

  • On the inter-college side, he delivered on the promise of an Inter-IIT Cultural Meet (happening in Bombay), for students to showcase their talents, similar to sports.

  • Lastly, the freshers’ orientation, arguably the best one till date, was spread over multiple days, with various hands on activities.

Not Done:

  • On the intra-college side, we are still waiting for a weekly informals event for students to “try-out” the club activities for fun, and also for themed events on various social issues.

  • Also, there is still scope for improvement with regards to the involvement of MTech and PhD students in the various clubs.

  • He also, has various administration points pending, i.e., new CV verification system, feedback mechanism, event certificates, weekly bulletin and organize a general body meeting.

So, in summing up, Rishabh still has a lot of unaddressed points. The MTech and PhD students is a major point and we hope he gets to it at the earlies.


Board for Sports Activities

GSec : Ishan Tyagi

The Board for Sports Activities caters to all the sports related activities of the institute, across the entire spectrum from Water Polo to Weightlifting. Organizing events like Inter-IIT, Inter-Hostel, Inter-Department, Sportech etc (the list is endless), the BSA has its hands full all throughout the year.


  • Twelve sports under one umbrella is no mere feat. Yet somehow, Ishan has managed to hold regular meetings of Hostel Captains and Vice-Captains.

  • He organised unconventional events such as Triathlon, Rugby etc., to popularize sports and also holding regular matches for non-inter-IIT players to identify talented sportspersons.

  • He was successful in collaborating to organize bi-collegial matches.

  • He even brought in professionals to improve sports performance (like Nutritionists, Sports Psychologists etc.).

  • He has improved BSA’s publicity through cross Board tie-ups. 

Not Done:

  • Ishan has had some problems with the administration, and many of his decisions (such as changing rooms for girls) failed to get passed by the institute.

  • Also, with Sportech almost upon us, he has his work cut out for him, since he wasn’t able to set up a team by November, as on his manifesto.

  • Moreover, publicity campaigns (sport calendar, wall of fame etc.) are eagerly awaited.

  • He also needs to improve UG-PG interaction and BSA’s collaboration with the other boards.

  • Lastly, some sport specific points still left unfinished, such as revamping the basketball court, squash membership at Sirifort etc.

So, in conclusion, Tyagi has done a lot, but there is still a lot to be done. Sportech looks to be his biggest challenge as of now, with less than 2 months left.  


Board for Student Publications

GSec : Aarushi Arora 

The Board for Student Publications, has duties (including reviewing GSecy’s Manifestos) which makes it the ‘fourth estate’ in this mini society of IITians. It acts as a medium for expression of free speech and thought, and an informative source about the life inside and outside out college. Leading from the front, Aarushi Arora is the General Secretary of the BSP.


  • It is almost surprising how much she has accomplished in half her tenure. She has improved student-faculty awareness multifold (with ‘Know Your Prof’ sections, regular dialogues with faculty etc.). Also, a first, she oversaw the ‘The First Conversation’, a unique concept of student-professor interaction, which was a monumental success.

  • She has introduced the GSecy review and ‘Ask Your Secy’ interactions, and has made this completely open and accessible on the BSP website.

  • Her creative team has unparalleled freedom, with genres like satire, caricatures, etc., and online blog collaboration.

  • During Literati, she organised many innovative and informative events, leading to one of the best literary festivals ever seen by IIT.

  • She oversaw the coverage of Inter-IIT sports meet, giving us almost instantaneous updates to the daily activities.

  • She is also covering external issues, transforming BSP into a true publication.

Not Done:

  • A new video broadcasting cell was promised, for live coverage of events. However, we are hopeful this will materialize soon.

  • There need to be workshops for the BSP team, to further enhance their skills and creative talent.

  • Also, there has been some social media outreach and discussion, but there is still some way to go to implement the feedback process.

In conclusion, there are some much awaited points yet to be addressed such as the social media outreach and video broadcasting cell, which need to be tackled well within time. The BSP team’s workshops is also a priority point that needs to be addressed, and we hope she gets around to it soon.


Board for Student Welfare 

GSec : Alisha Agarwal 

BSW the first student body that we face in our IIT life, and it shapes our college life in unimaginable ways. Alisha Agarwal has been with the board for almost 3 years now, and knows its workings almost like the back of her hand. Her manifesto was neither overambitious nor under, hitting the right note. She has completed the maximum (64%) of her manifesto, and let’s have a look at all that is done, and left to be done.


  • Starting with the Freshers Orientation, this year was smoother than ever before.

  • The Speranza team was formed well in advance, leading to one of the best Youth Festivals of IIT.

  • A new BSW committee consulting the general people was set up.

  • A feedback system was set up to address specific needs.

  • All work has been properly documented and published through various newsletters.

  • This year, BSW collaborated with BSA, PFC etc. and this resulted in spectacular results.

Not Done:

  • There was a policy of mid-semester feedback by the BSW team, to assess its functioning.

  • Also, the industrial trip (in collaboration with CAIC) is yet to materialize.

  • Other promises, like the instiApp 2.0 and universal calendar, are yet to be seen.

All in all, aiming for a spectacular tenure, a smoother Board and a more efficient team, Alisha Agarwal has a lot of work to achieve her goals. The universal calendar will make life in IIT convenient to say the least, but we hope she takes up that point soon. Let’s wait and see what she can do with the remainder of her term.


Board for Hostel Management

GSec : Devesh Jain 

The board for hostel management essentially works to remove all hardships that hostelers face, and to provide a more productive environment. Every year, they face new challenges and work towards tackling problems as they arise. The general Secretary for 2016-17, Devesh Jain shoots from the hip. So without further ado, let’s get to his Manifesto.


  • Starting with the BHM website, he has implemented various measures (Lost and found portal, status of pending work etc.) on the website.

  • The food facilities, are undoubtedly the best that they have been in the history of IIT Delhi.

  • BHM has also taken strides in resource management, resulting is water conservation and overall cleanliness.

  • His other promises, like providing workers with gloves and shoes, transparency in mess bill, and regular secy meetings, have all been implemented without any glitches.  

Not Done:

  • The website, although good, still has scope for improvement (separate hostel websites, feedback). The food facilities, although perfect, need proper inspection to ensure continued good quality facilities.

  • Workshops for mess workers, and water coolers on every floor are other pending points.

  • There still needs to be a collaboration with NSS, to organize cleanliness camps throughout campus.

  • The solar panels are yet to be repaired in hostels.

  • Lastly, he promised to reduce mess fees for students, which is still not in effect.

In conclusion, Devesh has done wonders for hostel life at IIT, but he still has some promises to deliver on. If he manages to complete his manifesto, he will transform IIT hostels into the utopia they can be. There are a lot of points left, and Devesh really needs to work to complete his manifesto.


Co-Curricular and Academic Interaction Council

GSec : Vaibhav Anand 

The Co-Curricular and Academic Interaction Council at IIT Delhi, is a body that is responsible for a lot of work but rarely receives appreciation for the same. There are 5 pillars of the CAIC (UG Committee, PG Committee, Co-curricular bodies, Tryst and Student Exchange Cell), which are all important from an academic’s point of view for the IIT Community. With this enormous burden on him, let us see how the General Secretary of CAIC, Vaibhav Anand fared so far.


  • Firstly, the PG Student involvement, one of the biggest issues faced by CAIC, has been successfully tackled by him, increasing their involvement in TnP, Tryst, and various other bodies.

  • The Facebook page of CAIC has never been this informative and buzzing.

  • The Tryst team was made well in advance, and have continuously been working to make Tryst ’17 a great experience.

  • He has also increased networking among CAIC by joint meetings between incoming and outgoing representatives.

Not Done:

  • One of his biggest manifesto points was the establishment of an Inter-IIT exchange Cell, something that hasn’t been fully implemented till now.

  • Also, there hasn’t been an adequate push for funding for Engineering Entrepreneurship

  • Another point to increase knowledge about procedures and formats of Research Paper publishing, patent submission etc., through workshops and even a dedicated club.  There has been no conclusive action for the same.

  • The board meetings have become more transparent and organised, but there is still a long way to go before he reaches Vaibhav’s ‘Ideal Scenario’. (various points such as regular meetings, better communication channels, timely minutes of the meeting updates, representative monitoring etc.)

All in all, Vaibhav has done a remarkable job with the responsibilities given to him. However, he is only 25% done with his manifesto, and really needs to push if he wants to complete all his points satisfactorily by the end of his tenure.


Student Affairs Council

GSec : Jayant Nahata 

Now, we have the Students Affairs Council, the highest place for interaction between the students and the administration. The five boards (BRCA, BSA, BSP, BSW, BHM) all come under its ambit. With the chairman of the SAC being the director of IIT Delhi, there is not a shadow of doubt as to the importance of it. So, this responsibility is borne by the shoulders of Jayant Nahata, the General Secretary for this year.


  • Primarily, Jayant has improved the functioning of the SAC, restructuring the team, allocating and updating work, and increasing the frequency of SAC meetings.

  • He improved various facilities like the hospital (more frequent specialists visits), bus service (online tracking, more buses) etc.

  • He started the community radio, and implemented a time bound complaint redressal system.

Not Done:

  • Single window clearance for no dues, and integrating all department dues, even though there is some progress, there is still a long way to go.

  • Cashless cards, although there on the manifesto, still have not been implemented.

  • An online appointment system for the Hospital, although proposed in the SAC, is yet to be passed.

  • Water coolers and 24×7 canteens is also a major point worth waiting for.

  • Another point related to bicycles (marking separate lanes, RFID based bike sharing system) etc. is yet to see any progress.

Even though, due to unforeseeable reasons, his tenure went off-script, Jayant was quick to improvise. He adjusted his manifesto accordingly, not losing hope, and is now one of the highest on the Gsecy meter. His single window no dues clearance is a point we are very much looking forward to,


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