Is Inter IIT all about Sports?


Although, the name clearly mentions “Inter IIT Sports Meet”, but is it actually just the game that matters. Well no. Inter IIT is way more than just a tournament. While at the court, your opponent might be your enemy. You sweat it all out, in order to bring pride to your institute and yourself. That is what a game is essentially for; To bring out the best in you, as a person and as a performer. But all of this is a mere subset of what the Inter IIT stands for. This ten day festival celebrates the coming together of some of the sharpest Indian minds, it celebrates friendship and it celebrates rivalry. When people from different places get to meet each other, have meals together, get to laugh at something embarrassing, that is when true friendship is built.

Events like the opening ceremony, Gala Dinner, closing ceremony, et cetera all play a very crucial role in allowing people from all contingents to meet up and help in an exchange of anecdotes, cultures and histories of each of the institutes

that one person stands to represent. In addition, the somewhat higher sex ratio than that seen on campus also acts as an added factor to initiate conversations. 😛 Inter IIT fosters new relations, be it new friends or new competitors. This is where team spirit builds up, a kind of bonding which makes a team more like a family. Many promises are made, many dreams shattered, many hopes rekindled and a lot of maths is worked out. Team strategies, how well the opponents play are all a part of the daily late night conversations. Because, it is never just about the game but always about all that you stand for as team and as an institute.


And if that’s not enough, you get to cheer your contingent teams, and sometimes you even get to do a bit of anti cheering, all this just to make sure your IIT performs better than the other. Sometimes, the fights seen amongst the spectators is as exciting as the game. Everyone, together trying to establish their supremacy and trying to prove how their player is unbeatable. The Sports Meet also provides a fantastic opportunity to understand and explore the cultures of a new campus and a new city. And exploring new places is always agreeable. 😛 (I would really love to have a Dominos on campus <3)


Towards the end of these ten days, one realises that winning and losing are immaterial, although winning really helps, but what eventually matters is the kind of person you were and how you have changed. Inter IIT evolves the human being in each of us; teaches us how to be humble in each of the victories and treat defeat as an old friend. An Inter IIT Sports Meet, is never about the sports, it’s about the memories that you make, the pictures that your DSLR-wala-friend clicks, it’s about the little things that everyone teases you about and above all it’s about lifelong friendships that you make.

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