Waterpolo #IITD

In the fifth-sixth playoff position for water polo, Girnar managed to defeat Kumaon 5-1. Drama ensued in the beginning, when Girnar turned up with an incomplete team. GSec Ishan Tyagi himself had to join in, to make up for the deficit. After a deadlocked first quarter, Divyanshu Aryan opened the account for Girnar with a goal in the second quarter. Atul scored a hat-trick, and Shubh scored a single goal.
Scoreline 5-1
Kumaon fought valiantly, with some beautiful saves by Shobhit, and a lone goal by Shubham Tanwar, who swam brilliantly throughout the match. It was an exciting match to watch, and a big congratulations to both teams for playing so well!
Nilgiri vs Aravalli
Nilgiri defeated Aravalli 9-5
The evening of 16th October 2016 saw a highly competitive Water Polo final between Nilgiri and Aravalli. The first goal to Nilgiri came from a penalty, in the first quarter, and was backed by some very creative sloganeering from their hostel inmates. In the second quarter, the pendulum shifted towards Aravalli, with three goals coming to them in quick succession, whereas Nilgiri could only score one. The third quarter started with Aravalli extending their lead, to a scoreline of 4-2, but they couldn’t keep the momentum in their favour, conceding 4 goals before the break. In the final quarter, Nilgiri scored 3 goals more, one of which ame through another penalty. Ara managed to salvage some pride, by scoring one final goal. The match saw some intense moments, with accusations of fouls and unfair play being levied by both sides, but all in all, it was a highly competitive and exciting match to watch.
The final scoresheet was: 
Gaurav: 6 goals                  Aditya Kotia: 3 goals
Akanshu: 1 goal                 Abhishek: 1 goal                  Abhay: 2 goals                  Adhyayan: 1 goal 


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