Regular Timings: 10 AM – 3 AM

Location: Opposite Aravali Hostel, adjacent to Southy (Replaces Rakesh Cafeteria) 

By: Anuj Dhawan

After two weeks of operation, has Rajdhani been able to stuck chords with the campus junta. Is it going to be the next food Rajdhani of IIT. Or are we missing our old Rakesh?

BSP comes up with a ‘Campus Review’ on Rajdhani Chatkhare Foods.

Mayank Modi: 


The tandoori paraanthe are quite distinct from the standard paraanthe available in our hostels and night messes. The authentic tandoori element makes them worth a try. They might cost you around 25 rupees but their quality coupled with the rich cream makes you fall in love with them.  This appeal is even missing in Sassi ke Paraanthe which largely carry a standard street food taste.

So, go for them at least once.!!!


Usually fried rice is more expensive than Chowmein, but it’s the first time when I have seen the latter being more expensive and the reason becomes obvious to you once you taste it. It is fully loaded with veggies and capsicum (all the three colors) and has dark beans (which are usually more expensive than their counterpart: light beans) which enhance its visual appeal when served on a white plate.


Atharva Singh:

Chicken Biryani:

Worth a try! The taste is almost similar to Spice Aangan of SDA. So if you love it, then you gonna love Rajdhani for sure. Also, there is an additional reason for you to go to Rajdhani which is its rates. In SDA, you have to shell out around 150 bucks while Rajdhani offers you the same at around half of the cost.


The staff is quite rude. I did not have a good experience with Rakesh’s staff but Rajdhani has rather even more lazy and harsh staff to offer.

Rating: 3.5/5


Swapnil Sinha:

It’s a good option for a one-time meal especially when you have skipped your lunch or dinner considering the good quantity you get. Comparing with Rakesh, you just got egg fried rice for the same amount, so, probably we are in a better position in Rajdhani in this respect.

Scope of Improvement: Order time is quite a bit. They work slowly and you end up spending a considerable time waiting for your order even when the rush is not too much.

Rating: 3.5 /5

Aditya Lamghare:

Chicken Tikka Roll:

A waste of money. It is quite dry and lacks that taste. In case you order it, you will definitely need to put some efforts to finish it off. The nice part is its price. It is budget friendly and wont pinch you in that respect.

Rakesh and Rajdhani are almost comparable. Rakesh did not have this dish so I won’t be able to compare. But in general the chutneys of Rajdhani definitely give it an edge.


The person at the cash counter of Rakesh was definitely an issue. He never had any change (surprisingly) or maybe never made any efforts to do the required subtractions. Thank god Rajdhani does not have this problem.

Rating: 2/5

Aditi Partap:

Rajdhani offers chicken fried rice for Rs 50, which is decent but definitely can’t be put in the ‘very good’ category. I would rather prefer Satpura ke chicken noodles for Rs 45 over it. Also, Rakesh’s chilly potato was better than what Rajdhani has to offer.

Rating : 3/5

Digvijay Das:

Shahi Paneer, Palak Paneer:

Strongly recommended, especially if you are looking for something to fill your stomach with. I went in a group of 3… we ordered Shahi Panner, Palak Paneer and some enough chapaatis which could fight hunger for hours and the fun part was we just had to pay around 150 bucks… waaoh!!

Achin Goyal:

A word of caution!!! Rajdhani offers Veg Manchurian for Rs 35, Veg Fried Rice for Rs 30. But if you buy them combined then instead of 35 + 30 ie 65Rs, you have to pay 70 Rs for fried rice with Manchurian. Adding to it, even the number of Manchurian balls you get in the combined case is less!!

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