Director’s Interaction


The Director of IIT Delhi, along with the various Deans held the first session of interactions with the student community this Monday.  He explained how IITD lacked a mechanism where the students could directly approach the administration regarding their problem, and the lack of communication between the deans and the students.


He encouraged the students to come forward with their problems, and interact directly with the administration. Sensing this need for a more direct form of communication, he explained the launch of the IITD complaints email address (

The complaints website is being directly monitored by the directors office, and each complaint is being personally reviewed by the director itself.

During the meet, he addressed certain problems such as the lack of common research facilities between labs of the same department, and promised allocations of funds for the same.

Further, various emails addressed the problem of defunct LAN Ports, which he said would be looked into, and at the same time, advocated that he would push for WiFi in the Hostels. Other areas, which he said are being looked into, are the problem of Dogs in campus, the quality of food, and the transformation to biometric attendance.

The BSP would like to thank the Director for personally holding these sessions to understand what difficulties the student community is facing, and working towards bridging this communication gap between the Student community and the Administration.



The Directors and the Deans addressing the students

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