Independence Day, 2016


On 15th August 2016, celebrations of India’s 69th Independence Day resonated in the campus of IIT Delhi.

The customary freedom run kick-started the jubilations, witnessing enthusiastic participation.

It was a moment of patriotic pride when our national flag was hoisted by the director, Dr. V Ramgopal Rao, in the lawn facing the Seminar hall. After the National Anthem, everyone proceeded to the Seminar Hall for the cultural programs.

The Director addressed all those gathered and stated what he had visioned for the institute. In his address, he mentioned that the infrastructure of all the hostels would be revamped, and hinted at the possibility of providing AC blankets to the students. He also stated that 2 new hostels would be initiated-one each for boys and girls. Along with this, he mentioned that the committee is trying to develop a system which erases the “attachment” of a student to the mess of the hostel-that is, a boy from Aravali gets the liberty to have his meal at Kumaon or any other boys’ hostel. Apart from this, he mentioned that the Hospital services would be made more efficient. For the Faculty, he stated that there’ll be an increase in the number of awards and recognitions for the staff so as to keep them motivated. Along with this, he mentioned that the Design Department will run it’s first Btech program from the next academic session and that now there’ll be more emphasis on enhancing the interdisciplinary research activities in the Institute.

His speech was followed by a group dance performance by nursery school children on the song “Des Rangeela” which charged the atmosphere with immense positivity. Performances by students from KV, IIT Delhi on “Ek Tera Mann Hai Sacha” and the Music Club, IIT Delhi on “Ghanan Ghanan” added to the festivities. This was followed by the Sansthan Awards and the Security Unit awards. Kirti Goswami, a part of the Security Unit, volunteered to recite a patriotic poem. Anuj, a staff member at Zanskar Hostel sang a song after the Security awards.


Devesh Jain, the General Secretary for the Board for Hostel Management, concluded the ceremony with a Vote of Thanks.


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