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“Music moves me, it reinforces my belief that there is more than just what we see, hear or touch.”

The Blood Connect put up a spectacular event at Dogra Hall this Sunday, with amazing performances by dance group Terpsi Chorean and rock band Tarkash, and politician Ajay Maken visiting the event and applauding the noble work that Blood Connect is doing. The best part is, we managed to get hold of the showstopper, musician/songwriter/composer Nikhil D’Souza for an exclusive interview. Read on to see what he had to say!

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First of all, welcome to IIT Delhi!

The first question we would like to ask is, how does it feel to be performing here at IIT Delhi, as opposed to the huge platforms that you usually get?

Well, firstly I am not really here to perform, I am just here to meet the students, but it’s a different sort of thing for me because coming to an event, which is more about people coming together and donating for a cause basically, rather than coming to watch a band play, or that sort of thing, for me to be just invited here and be a part of it, it’s a great thing for me. So, I thank BloodConnect for having me here!

Our second question is, unlike other professional singers, you have had a corporate background previously. You quit the corporate sector to enter the music industry. So what made you do that?

Well, to put it simply, at the time when I was considering a professional life in music, I really couldn’t do that because the environment wasn’t ready, wasn’t actually the place I could actually do my music in, and make a living at that time. So I had to do other things, you know, and I went to three different jobs in three years, and each of those, was completely different from each other. So I went through enough to understand what I didn’t want. So by a simple process of elimination, I realized that music was something I really had to do. So, three years after I decided, enough, at least I should give it a chance.


You are a source of inspiration for many people, so we would like to know what is your source of inspiration, what or who do you get inspired from?

Well, uh, music moves me. So when I listen something that makes me sit up and listen to it again and again and try to see where it’s really coming from, it kind of reinforces that belief that there is more to what we can just see, here, touch. There’s a lot more, to a person, a human being, you know, to create something that is that powerful. So that is what inspires me, that intangible, unknown which we keep chasing all our lives.

So is that what you think about when you are composing your music?

For me, it has to make me feel something. It is as simple as that. If you can feel something when you are singing it, it will translate to other people as well.

BloodConnect is an IIT Delhi 2010 initiative itself, it started from here. So, what is your take on blood donation?

It’s an opportunity for those who don’t normally have the time to involve themselves in just some form of charity, you know, it’s easy enough to just walk into the tent and donate blood. What we don’t realize is this one small thing can go a really long way. The beautiful part is, you are donating blood to a complete stranger, irrespective of what religion or what caste or where he or where she comes from.


Also, given your huge fan-base, there must have been some interesting encounters with your fans. Would you share one of them?

(laughs) I think very recently we just had a show, and what happened was initially the students there were just organizing and just looking up to us as just rockstars or whatever, so we invited them back to spend some time with us after the show, to get to know us as just normal people and not rockstars. So on a one-to-one level, where you speak about your life, my life, which is quite a revelation, it is quite something. A lot of performers, and a lot of people just go to a place and perform, and they look at the people just as ‘organizers’, that’s the stamp, but when you get to know them by name and understand their story, it opens up a whole different perspective and insight. So for me, that was quite something!

So our last question is, you must have given at least a dozen interviews by now. So, we would like to know what is that one question that you have been never asked, and you would have liked to answer?

Uhh, would I shave my head, or try a new look? (laughs)

And that has never been asked?

That’s never been asked, no one ever talks about my hair! To answer that question, no! (laughs) I wouldn’t do it, so yeah, after years I finally found this is how I want them!

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