Jobs Incoming: TnP Orientation For Final Year Students


After the first semester of 2016-17 has begun, we have met the freshmen, already have started missing the graduated batch, and furthermore, we have already seen the course load and started agonising it.

However, the semester can’t be more burdensome for the final year students who, worrying about their futures, have thought of going for jobs, UPSC examinations, GATE, CAT, GRE etc.

For the students who choose to go for jobs right after their time at IIT, the TnP cell hosted an orientation detailing the requirements and deadlines for submission of documents and detailing previous years’ job selections. Professor Sandeep Sen, the professor-in-charge of the cell started the orientation on a high note, uplifting the spirits of the students, after which he gave the mic to Ms Anishya Madan, the Liaison Officer.

(Prof Sandeep Sen addressing the batch of 2016-17)

Her speech started with general advice to the students, like not filing too many applications and being focused on their goals. She further added that filing more applications would not get anyone a better job. She next talked about SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) analysis, talked about how you never have infinite time. She also talked about importance of domain knowledge, a lot of which comes from classroom interaction, and communication skills, lack of which causes even the best students to falter.

TnP process, according to her, is fully online, a demo of which was showed towards the end of the orientation. Before giving the demo of the system, the cell reminded the students of the expected timeline which would be followed. We leave you with a basic schedule that is being followed and wish all our seniors all the best for this jobsem. May we get a lot of treats from a lot of happy seniors.



28th July

Resume filing starts

29th July

Resume Building Workshop

7th August

Mock Test Series Starts

15th and 16th August

CV Freezing and creating final PDFs for UGs and M.Tech/Dual respectively

16th and 17th August

Last date of submission of documents for verification for UG and M.Tech/Dual respectively

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