Humans of Baqsa


Hi everyone! My name is Ravinder Singh, and this is my wife Charanjeet Kaur. We both graduated from DU, and got married in 1987. We have two sons. One is in pharmaceutical management and the other is in interactive graphic design. I work in the medico-legal sector, and in mass publications for pharmaceutical companies. I’ve sold 650,000 copies of my work, which are referred to by doctors all over India. I earn money through my publications business, while Baqsa and cooking are my passion. My wife and I started a home kitchen of our own in December, 2013. We were rated as the best home kitchen in Delhi-NCR, and our Biryani is to die for. We used to have a lot of orders from IIT Delhi too, and I personally delivered food here, as I love to interact with my customers. I remember one time, I delivered food to an apartment, and the home-owner opened the door, completely naked. This happened a couple of times more, and then I stopped going there altogether. Another time, I delivered food to Dr. Madhusudan Singh, of the Electrical Engineering department at IIT Delhi. We talked for quite a while, and afterwards he posted a long, extremely satisfied review on our Zomato page. It delights me that I am able to satiate my customer’s appetites.

A few months back, we wanted to set up shop in the LHC, and planned to call our outlet Gravies, but it somehow did not sound that great. After a lot of brainstorming, I came up with the name Baqsa, with a ‘Q’. I will now play around with the design of this ‘Q’. We were invited by IIT for a sampling. The selection committee was so impressed, that we immediately were given permission. So now, we not only have a venture in front of Vindhyachal, we will also open up in the LHC cafeteria when it is handed over to IIT. Although it’s wreaked havoc on our schedule, as we get less sleep and have to prepare every day, it is highly enjoyable. We have lots of exciting plans for Baqsa. We plan to introduce mocktails in some time too. We also plan to have open-mic nights and entertainment nights for students. On Sundays, we plan to have a Delhi-06 style brunch, wherein you guys can have bedmi-puri, halwa, lassi and whatnot. We’ve had a lovely time here, and I love meeting so many students. I feel their simplicity and kindness has rubbed off onto me. I just request them not to smoke or drink at Baqsa, as that inconveniences us and the other customers.

We look forward to your feedback, and would be delighted to add your favorite items to our menu!

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