How To Train Your Dragon(ite) and other stories


Waiting for Game Of Thrones S7 memes: move over. Niantic Inc. has an answer to your post GOT rebound pain. And this one might just end up winning your parents’ approval.

Despite frequent and tortuous server crashes, Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm faster than Team Rocket could blast off, spawning its fair share of memes and a whole host of crazy incidents—we got some students to narrate their own wacky stories. (Skip straight ahead if you don’t want to hear me ramble.)

For those who’re wondering what all the hoo-ha is about: Pokémon Go is the closest you could get to becoming a real life Pokémon trainer and simulating the feel of capturing Pokémons—all in your actual environment. And why would a gaming luddite like me (the last ‘game’ I was into was Club Penguin) love it? It’s the sheer familiarity of the setup. It reaches out to the dormant six-year old in me who rushed to get a Cheetos pack just so she could start collecting tazos. I probably still have those tazos somewhere. Cheetos? The market doesn’t appear to have been as kind. But I digress.

Pokémon Go appeals to those who avidly followed the travails of Ash and his tiffs with Togepi-toting Misty, perennially love-stricken (and friend-zoned) Brock and Team Rocket: the bumbling villains next door, long before the advent of the Samsher Sikandar Chuddie Buddies and Oggy and the Cockroaches of modern Cartoon Network: the game’s mass appeal is partly derived from the serial’s stature as Gen Y’s highest common factor of childhood shows.

If you just so happen to have never heard of Pokémon before or you don’t buy the nostalgic riff-raff here’s why you might still get hooked to Go: it’s a scavenger hunt with a dash of suspense. Hit level 5 and a whole new competitive side opens up: you get to join one of three teams and fight critter battles at gyms.

For now excuse me, I’ll leave you with these hilarious tales of Pokémon Go adventures. Gotta see what’s cracking in that egg of mine.

Episode 1: The Johto Ghaziabad Journeys

  • Visited a temple more times in a day than I did in the past year. (All Pokéstops in Ghaziabad are places of religious worship.)

  • Find a gym I can defeat. Server goes down.

  • Airport mein gym hai. But security check se pehle. And I’m beyond that.

  • My girlfriend cannot understand my sudden love for long walks.

  • My girlfriend found out about my love for long walks. Damn that Pokéstop. Use walks ONLY for hatching eggs.

  • Accidentally click Incense with no Pokéballs. Take the vehicle out to rush to Pokéstop for Pokéballs.

  • Tries car, Scooter, Auto. Auto is the PERFECT speed for detecting and catching Pokémons comfortably.

  • On an adventure with my nephew. I drive. He catches. Perks of having kids in the family.

  • Did you know you could get your wasted Pokéball back? I had the same regret face in life.

  • Servers are down. And walking feels like a liability.

-Ishan Tyagi

Episode 2: The Indigo Lonavala League

  • I’ve been to more Mandirs in the last week than in my whole life. 

  • Whenever my family heads out I’m the driver since Dad’s away for a bit. So I taught Mum to play Pokémon on my phone. She caught me a cp138 Pinsir the other day.  

  • Meeting a random stranger on the street in Lonavala and exchanging the locations of the Pokémon that are near. And running around with her for the next half hour trying to catch a Squirtle. Pokémon helping me socialise.

  • Ended up near a transformer on a rainy day to catch an Electabuzz. Would’ve been a cool way to go.

  • Ended up in a cooking contest because of a Pokéwalk that happened in the city.

  • Even though I can work from home, I’ve been going to the University I’m interning at, everyday, just because there’s a Pokéstop where I work. Free items every 5 minutes.

    -Siddharth Vadnerkar

    Episode 3: The Ash Ketchum Delusions

    Set out with stars in my eyes and delusions of “Sabse behtar banunga mai, jaisa koi aur na tha…” and went to Akshardham to catch Pokémon only to find the servers down. Another time I was all geared up to leave on another excursion and it poured all day.

    -Souvik Chakraborty

    Episode 4: (Tog)Epic Tales

    • So the first egg I get is a 5 km one. I get in the car, drive around for 10 km, accounting for inaccuracies in tracking. I get back, and then look at my phone (‘cause obviously we don’t Pokémon and drive). Distance travelled: 0.0 km. Almost threw my phone instead of the Pokéball at the Rattata.

    • On the way home from lunch, I spot an Eevee and decide to follow it. I realize there’s a wall between me and the Pokémon. Walk all the way, around 2km to circle back to this spot. Eevee escaped the first throw and ran away. But I hatched an egg!

    -Nilaksh Agarwal

    Episode 5: “Chai Sutta and Pokéballs”

    ^(The name given to some plans made by friends for their next trip to the Pokéstop at Jia Sarai)

    One of my friends was walking toward the Insti area when a car pulled up near the hospital. Someone jumps out saying “Yahan ek Pikachu hai!”

    -Deevanshu Goyal

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