Humans at Security


RK Verma – Security Supervisor at CSC

Hello! My name is RK Verma. I’m from Sultanpur, a district near Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. I joined the G4 security agency way back in 1998. Since then, I have worked at the French and Australian Embassies, ensuring their safety. I learnt a lot about the technology pertaining to security at these places, like metal detectors, full body scanners and baggage checking machines. There were times when security was beefed up in these places, especially when Delhi had started becoming vulnerable during terrorist attacks, like in 2001. I came to IIT Delhi two years ago, as a supervisor at the CSC. I ensure that the machines run properly, the temperature is maintained and that students behave. By and large, the students here are very cooperative and friendly. I have two children, both of which are in college, pursuing their studies. Graveyard shifts create a big havoc in our schedule, and living in crowded, noisy areas, it is very tough to get proper rest. This is intensified during fests and events, when we have to be extra alert to ensure that unruly elements don’t enter the campus. Even in that situation, we are not authorized to take any action on our own. We have to report to our seniors if something is suspected.



Neeraj Kumar Mishra – Security Guard at Girnar Hostel

Hello! I am Neeraj Kumar Mishra. I come from Amethi, UP. I live in Delhi alone while my family which consists of my parents, brother, my wife and daughter lives in my hometown. I have been working in G4 group for about 7 years but to support the family a regular shift is not enough, I do overtime in order to be able to save money to send to them. I completed my B.A. in Geography in 2008 but as you know there are so few jobs, I had to do this and I feel that my education is being wasted. I don’t have dissatisfaction from the job but just that I could do much more. This is the case with youth in our country. Amethi is Congress party’s base and they have done work but in recent times you see…. if a man has to come 600 km from his home to do this job then situation is definitely not appreciable. Because of the overtime, even if I want to I can’t do much to continue my studies and with marriage comes responsibilities so the idea of taking risks to start one’s own business is also not easy


Thakurji – Security Guard at Shivalik Hostel

I am an exserviceman and people here call me Thakurji. I hail from Madhubani in Bihar. My father was also in AirForce. I have served in Siachen and had my share of combats through the artillery division in the corps, be it Blue Star, Kargil or counterinsurgency operations in Kashmir. After my retirement in 2002 I didn’t take a govt. job, instead I joined G4 group and moved to Palam in Delhi because I wanted to be with my children so that I can focus on their education. I faced certain difficulties at first in getting my children admitted in KV but eventually things worked out. My eldest boy is a B.Com. graduate and works in DLF and the other one is in 12th right now writing his board exams. My son wants to be an engineer and I am sure he will serve the nation well in his capacity. I want that instead of people going antinational and wasting time, people should work towards the betterment of society and make our nation a better place. I love football and played the game a lot in the army also but now I am not able to play much so I suppress my craving for the ball by watching the game whenever I get a chance. Messi is my favourite. 

Khageshwor Tamu (Thapa) Security guard at Karakoram Hostel


I am Thapa, and currently working as security guard in G4 group. I come from a small village in Nepal, where I used to serve in Nepalese army. Due to a lot of naxalites in my area, my family was exposed to some level of torture that made me think whether, is this the line of work I wish to continue or ensure safety of my family. I came to know about job of security personnel from a fellow of my village, he only connected me to G4 group here in Delhi. I came to Delhi in 2009 and since then I am serving in IIT as guard in Karakoram hostel. Job over here is very respectful and I really like the aura created by greenery in campus, it very different from the rest of Delhi. The sense of unity that students possess here is marvellous. I try to visit my family in Nepal, back where my children are studying in a government school. I wish to educate them as well as possible, and Delhi would be a much better option as compared to Nepal. But, it is hard for me to bring them here to Delhi, as lifestyle here is very costly and I don’t think I’ll be able to get them educated that well here given the salary a guard earns

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