End Sem Extravaganza – All Boards Night


To mark the culmination of the tireless efforts put by the different boards in general and clubs in particular, the All Boards Night was organized at the Hockey Ground on Friday. It is a celebration of the events of the gone by academic year and recognition of those who have excelled in their respective fields. The night was graced by the presence of the Director, deans and the presidents of the various boards. Since the majors are round the corner, there was not a very large attendance from the students’ side. Though many joined in as the event progressed, it was by and large a quiet crowd.

The fresher’s awards were the first to be presented. These were the Best Fresher awards of each club of the BRCA and a few among the BSA received the colors for each sport. The awards for best hostel representatives and best hostel in each club followed. Since the director had not joined in, a refreshment break of 20 minutes was announced.

Then came the Director’s address. Instead of the traditional long speeches we get to hear from the directors, this was a power packed performance indeed. A few major announcements really made up the mood and the several rounds of applause testified this. The Director thanked Professor SK Gupta for negotiating these demands with the MHRD. After all, Smriti Irani’s hostel visits didn’t go in vain. These decisions were:

  1. Air coolers shall be allowed in hostel rooms with immediate effect. A hostel level committee shall ensure proper cleaning of coolers to prevent diseases like dengue.

  2. All the hostels shall be fully air-conditioned within 2-3 years. The necessary economic inputs for this shall be provided by the MHRD.

  3. Messes will undergo major renovation with fully air-conditioned dining areas.

  4. Water coolers with RO facility shall be installed at all floors in every hostel.

These smile-bringing announcements were followed by the BSA awards. All the teams cheered loudly for their teammates who were awarded for their contributions. The volleyball contingent was the most vocal amongst all. If a sportsperson drew loudest of the cheers from the crowd, he/she was from the volleyball team. The CAIC, TNP and NCC awards followed, a bit less cheered for. There were a few dance performances, a musical performance by the music club and a drama performance which broke the monotonicity of the long award ceremony and ensured that the audiences were thoroughly entertained. The  Passing the Baton ceremony marked the official taking over of the new secys and Gen-Secs. The outgoing position holders wished their successors luck to take their clubs to greater heights in future. A pic-spree followed with DSLR boy Deopuri running around(ah, that’s what he is best at)so that people could savour these last moments together. Nothing other than the sumptuous meal served could have ended the night better with people enjoying the delicacies served. It was a night well organized, a time well-spent.

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