Textile Department – Open House 2016


Open House 2016 was a showcase of a flurry of innovative ideas put forward by the various departments of IIT Delhi. The textile department also came up with a couple of such ideas, one of them being “Bullet and Stab resistant fabrics”. As the name suggests, this fabric could act as a shield for our body and hence, find significant applications in the field of defense.

STF treated multilayered high performance fabric was used by the students in the realization of this idea. The second innovation was an initiative not by the students, but by the professors of the department. Their work was aimed at developing fabrics that are impenetrable to electromagnetic radiations and hence, tackle the growing problem of cancer. The fabric composition had been altered by introducing graphite tubes in the polymer to develop metal-like properties and as a result, remain unaffected by electromagnetic radiations. Using a network analyzer, they demonstrated the above phenomenon and this was appreciated by the onlookers. All in all, the innovations put up were a testament to the intellectual prowess of students and to the progresses that can be made in this industry.

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