Physics Department Open House – 2016


The OPEN HOUSE 2016 was certainly a marvellous event, and the Physics department was definitely a centre of attraction throughout the event.

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With uber cool and mind-boggling stuff like 3-D holograms, 3-D printers and VRD (virtual reality display) on show, it really caught the attention and admiring eyes of a lot of the school students as well as teachers.


The annual physics quiz held by the student chapter of the Optical Society was, as always, a hit among the students and people literally queued up to attend the event. This time there were a few tongue-in-cheek questions too with answers ranging from Hugyen to  ‘Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz’, from the popular animated show Phineas and Ferb. Yeah, the participants loved it!

Finally, what got a lot of oooh-s and aaah-s from everyone was of course, the drone exhibit in front of the library. You could literally sense the excitement and the sparkle in the students’ eyes when the drones flew over their heads and performed some amazing aerial acts.

What made the physics department really stand out though, was the sheer simplicity of their experimental setups and projects. Dr. Anita, a high-school teacher, said, “The physics department’s exhibition was really fun and interesting for the students because the concepts involved in the projects were simple enough for them to understand. They were really excited to see that using simple stuff like prisms and lenses, they could create their very own 3-D holograms and VRDs.”

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Well, I guess that the physics department definitely stood out at this year’s OPEN HOUSE.

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Physics Quiz

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Drones !


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