Mechanical Department Open House – 2016


Amongst all the innovative ideas that left the spectators awestruck, the Mechanical Department of IIT Delhi had much to offer. All of these ideas were put forward by means of prototypes, posters and detailed descriptions given by none other than the experimentalists who had come up with them.

One of the major attractions was the Robomuse 3.0; an app- controlled robot, which works as a gripping and lifting system and the Robomuse 4.0; a surveillance and motion sensing robot which can be controlled from anywhere across the globe. Also, the Robotics Club presented robots, created for Robocon, which work by harnessing wind energy and using it to stimulate motion.Another major attraction, the Youbot, is a robot which does 3D mapping of it’s surroundings and uses it to locate or avoid particular objects. Apart from this, the visitors were fortunate to witness some other innovative devices which had been created for a plethora of purposes. One such device, was the Treadle Pump; a device which has the same purpose as a hand pump, but has been created such that the basic mechanical force is applied by the leg muscles and moreover, it consists of two pistons, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire process. Along with all the inventions, students had also put forth a device for making tulasi mala beads, an adapted sheep shearing machine and a device which allows easy measurement of groundwater level. So all in all, the Mechanical Department ensured that we can continue to take immense pride in the forebearers of the ever pertaining legacy of this institute. 

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