Electrical Department Open House – 2016


Once again, it was that time of the year when the gates of IITD would open to the public, exhibiting an extensive collection of innovative research and product development projects which the students along with professors have worked on throughout the year, providing insight into path-breaking research work, student projects and the numerous advanced facilities and laboratories available in IIT Delhi.

Covering the various projects of the electrical department, it was a great learning experience that left me along with the technology savvy visitors both amazed and inspired.The students had been motivated by real life problems, which we face, and had come up with their innovative projects centered at solving the same.

Some of the projects on display were-

Paperless attendance using proximity based Bluetooth Beacons

This system uses unique payloads of data (different for each smartphone) sent by your phone to the sensor in the class, based on your location (senses if you are inside the class or not), and hence marks attendance for you.

Cognitive Radio Operation over WLAN System

Most of us are faced with network issues, which is primarily caused due to the excess traffic on a certain bandwidth of frequency. To solve this problem, students designed a system that allows the secondary user to automatically connect to a different unoccupied frequency, and disconnect from that frequency when the primary user needs to send information on that frequency.

LHC Energy monitoring

The lecture hall complex had an extremely high-energy consumption. Hence, there is a need to monitor, analyze and hence limit the energy consumption. The project involves uploading the data from the meters to an online database, analyzing it, and coming up with possible solutions to limit energy wastage.


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