Student Body Elections


General Secretary and Club Secretary Elections for all the Student boards, CAIC and BRCA clubs were held in SAC from the 2nd to the 5th of April. The atmosphere at SAC was intense and many boards saw some very close competition.

Here are the results for the student body heads for the year 2016-17

General Secretaries:

Board of Hostel Management (BHM)
Devesh Jain, Zanskar

Board for Recreational Activities (BRCA) 
Rishabh Sanghi, Kumaon

Board for Sports Activities (BSA)
Ishan Tyagi, Girnar

Board for Student Publications (BSP)
Aarushi Arora, Himadri

Board for Students Welfare (BSW)
Alisha Agrawal, Kailash

Co-curricular and Academic Integration Council (CAIC) 
Vaibhav Anand, Aravali

Student Affairs Council (SAC)
Jayant Nahata, Shivali

Club Secretaries:

Dance Club
Vipul Khatana, Aravali

Debating Club 
Sambhav Jain, Shivalik

Dramatics Club 
Rashmi Yadav, Himadri

Fine Arts Club 
Deepak Bhatt, Vindhyachal

Literary Club 
Deevanshu Goyal, Girnar

Music Club 
Aman Rai, Jwalamukhi

Photography and Films Club 
Devansh Jain, Udaigiri

Quizzing Club 
Ajay Srivatsa, Nilgiri

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