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Where to do the summer internship? This is a question that starts troubling most of us right from the start of 2nd year. The opportunities are many. You can go for a research project abroad, gain skills working with a startup or undergo training in a full fledged corporate firm.

I am Pooja Jain, a third year undergraduate in Textile Technology. At the end of my second year, I got one such opportunity. I got the chance to gain an insight into the workings of a multinational audit and consulting firm, EY.

I remember my very first day at the Gurgaon office. Sitting at the reception, I was admiring the big screen showcasing EY’s outreach and some of it’s accomplishments. The formally dressed employees and their confident stance made me feel all so naive.I was called up by my mentor and was given a briefing on my project. “The office timings will be from 9 to 5” – ‘no more sleeping till late hours’ was what I could hear. The very next morning, I brushed away second thoughts as I woke up at 6 am and boarded the cab to work. Riding with young employees, reading ‘The Economic Times’ and talking about their projects was like a peek into the future.

The work was good, sometimes challenging with short deadlines. Apart from my main project which involved a study and analysis of various existing policies, various short term tasks were assigned to me that helped me get an exposure of the live ongoing projects.The seniors and mentors do not always have time for interns in such firms but the interactions with every member were fruitful and enriching. I also met an amazing set of co- interns. From colleges of DU to DTU and VIT, these people were all striding the same road. From walks to the coffee machine to gossips and discussions over cafeteria food, these people made it possible to survive it all.

The high point of my internship experience was the final presentation before the team. After thousands of formatting changes and other edits, my presentation was prepared. The moment had finally arrived and the stage was set. Presenting my findings and analysis in a room of experts was an unforgettable occasion and the discussions that followed provided deeper understanding than any website could provide.

Overall, it was a valuable insight into the life of a consultant. One that restored my faith in this profession.

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