#1 There was a fire near block 6 (not sure) in the garbage heap…lack of water created a very awkward situation at the security area…apparently the extinguisher was faulty too and the poor guy ran from pillar to post to get sufficient water. At one point they contemplated on calling the fire truck for this puny thing!

#2 My roommate still has toothpaste on his toothbrush. It’s been more than 9 hours.

#3 All clothes were in the laundry. Had to buy new ones. Intricate clothing.



#5 LHC doesn’t have handwash liquid. Some had to go to MS for only washing hands. Others came prepared with paper soap.

#6 Girnar, Udaigiri and Satpura filled up dustbins with water from tankers for shitty emergencies.

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